Policy Updates
Justice Reinvestment Initiative Grant Reviews Begin in October
Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich, who co-chairs the AOC Public Safety Committee, will represent AOC on the Criminal Justice Commission's Justice Reinvestment Grant Review Committee. The committee will meet in October to . .. read more
The Oregon Transportation Commission met in Salem on Friday September 22nd, with a heavy focus on hearing from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) on various plans to implement House Bill (HB) 2017, which passed ... read more
Cap and Invest Workgroup Process Begins
At a Monday morning joint meeting of Senate and House Environment Committees, Senate Chair Michael Dembrow (D-Portland) and House Chair Ken Helm (D-Beaverton), outlined the process for what is being billed as the "Clean Energy Jobs Act."
The two legislators are convening four work  ... read more
Property Tax Reform Reopened
It was simply a discussion item on the September 20 agenda of the Senate Interim Committee on Finance and Revenue, but the fact that the subject of "property tax relief" was there at all shows the determination that Chair Mark Hass has to push a reform plan forward.  He repeated his primary goal of ... read more
Severe Wildfire Season Receives Attention at Interim Legislative Days
State Forester Peter Daugherty and Doug Grafe, Chief of Fire Protection of the State Department of Forestry (ODF), appeared before three interim legislative committees on September 18, the first day of September Legislative Days ... read more
County LPSCC Staff Participate in Two-Day GOBHI Led Sequential Intercept Training (SIM)
On September 19th & 20th, AOC's six Local Public Safety Coordinating Council (LPSCC) staff members participated in a two-day Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) "train the trainer" event in The Dalles. Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. ... read more
Request for Information: Regional Infrastructure Fund 

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October 9, 2017 | 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

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NACo News
Wildfires Put Lives, Health, Ecology, Property Values at Risk
A dry summer has led to a spate of Western wildfires that county officials worry will affect health conditions and economic viability for years. And they have not been  ... read more
NACo Releases New How to Gain Citizen Buy-In Publication
NACo's Counties Futures Lab recently released How to Gain Citizen Buy-In, highlighting innovative case studies from a workshop held at NACo's 2017 Annual ... read more
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Partner Spotlight
Live Healthy U.S. Counties
More than $600 million in residents' savings!
The NACo Prescription - Health - Dental Discount Program provides relief to uninsured and underinsured Americans who face high prescription, health and dental costs. The program is free to NACo member counties and it has been offering real savings to county residents since 2004. Learn more...
The Last Word
Q: What runs around a farm but does not move? A: A fence.

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