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Summer Summit Wrap

No vacation for AOC

August 14, 2015

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AOC's New Website
Public Safety
Energy, Environment & Land Use
Transportation/Community & Economic Development
Governance & Marijuana
Interoperability Funding
Summer Summit Highlights
New Business Partners
LGPI Conference
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The AOC C3 (Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.) Summer Summit at the Bend Riverhouse is in the books and it was not only well attended, it was well received!


A short Central Oregon rain event Sunday evening failed to dampen a reception and bbq dinner at the Des Chutes Historical Museum in Bend. An enhanced menu led to the first C - connections as old friends gathered and new friendships were made.



Des Chutes Historical Museum

Retired TVF&R Fire Chief Jeff Johnson kicked off the Monday session with a passionate and informative address on servant leadership and the essentials of clear, concise communication with citizens.


Chief Jeff Johnson and AOC President Gary Thompson


From there, we learned about communications planning, lobbying strategies, how the media does its job, what former news people turned county commissioners have learned from the other side, what to say and not to say to a TV news crew, collaboration and problem solving, using social media to our advantage and a look at the new AOC website. It was an action packed, never dull, always interesting day and half. Whew!


AOC's officers and staff appreciate the attendance of nearly 85 people at the Summer Summit this past week in Deschutes County. We will share more photos later in this edition of Oregon Trails.   


Check out the New AOC Website

AOC has a new website, and we think you'll like it a lot! It's clean, easy to navigate and it is usable on any device you might be using. Check it out at:
As you can see, we have changed our domain name. So, that means all of our email addresses now end in Not to worry though, if you send to our old address it will forward, but you will eventually want to change the address in your system. There's no time like the present!

Public Safety
A county representative is being sought for the Task Force on Reentry, Employment & Housing.
Senate Bill 969 passed during the last legislative session created the task force that will consist of 15 members with the Governor appointing a representative for counties.  

AOC has been asked to select the representative for that position.
The task force will study and recommend actions that the state and local governments may undertake to:
  • Improve the experience of reentry into non-incarcerated daily living for persons with a criminal conviction;
  • Expand employment opportunities for persons with a criminal conviction;
  • Assist with identifying and providing housing opportunities for persons with a criminal conviction; and
  • Create certificates and a certification process for persons with a criminal conviction
The task force will report back to the Legislature in December. 
If you are interested in serving on this task force and representing AOC, please email Public Safety Policy Manager Patrick Sieng.

AOC Policy Manager Patrick Sieng is responsible for Public Safety issues.

Energy, Environment and Land Use
Asbestos Rulemaking
DEQ is preparing to adopt rules to implement Senate Bill 705, requiring residential surveys prior to demoloition. DEQ is looking for an interested county commissioner or county judge to attend one or two rulemaking meetings from mid September to mid October. If you are interested in being that county commissioner or county judge, please contact AOC Policy Manager Mark Nystrom at 503-400-3236.

Land Use Legislation
The Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) has put together a report describing legislation enacted by the 2015 Legislature related to land use planning or programs. To check out this report, click here.
DLCD 2015-2017 Policy Agenda
The proposed 2015-17 Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC or commission) Policy Agenda was presented at the July 23-24 meeting in Burns, Oregon. The commission began the discussion at the July meeting and will reach a final decision on a policy agenda at the September 24-25, 2015, meeting.
The proposed policy agenda seeks to establish the near-term direction and policy projects pursued by DLCD staff during the 2015-17 biennium. Long term projects and policy items are addressed in the DLCD Strategic Plan. The public and stakeholders are invited to participate in the discussion prior to and at the September meeting, and are welcome to submit comments and suggestions for the policy agenda. 

DLCD is actively soliciting public/stakeholder comment until August 21, 2015. Comments received by this deadline will be considered for inclusion in the revised policy agenda presented at the September meeting. Comments received after that date will not have the benefit of being considered in the final policy agenda recommendation brought before the commission in September.
At both the July and September meetings, this item is a public hearing. DLCD staff will review all public comments delivered or received on this draft recommendation for inclusion in the final recommendation in September.     

AOC Policy Manager Mark Nystrom deals with Energy, Environment and Land Use issues.

Transportation/Community & Economic Development
ODOT Wants Your Feedback on Their Consultation Practices.  
The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is soliciting feedback through October 16th to evaluate local consultation practices regarding statewide transportation planning and programming processes. Please take a brief online survey to let ODOT know how they are doing. Access the survey online at:
Your participation will help ODOT evaluate the agency's effectiveness in implementing federal and state planning and public involvement regulations - ensuring effective communication between ODOT, local officials and other interested parties.
You are also welcome to review a summary of ODOT's practices and provide any additional feedback.  An overview of ODOT consultation practices is available  here . Should you have any questions or comments about the survey instrument or evaluation, please contact Mary McGowan, ODOT Sr. Transportation Planner, at or (503) 986-4224.

AOC Policy Manager Mary Stern navigates transportation issues along with community and economic development.


Marijuana Materials

AOC Legal Counsel Rob Bovett recently generated a number of materials related to marijuana legislation, many of which are continuously being updated and supplemented. As of July 20, 2015, the following materials are available to AOC members upon request, and have also been made available to members of the Oregon County Counsels Association (OCCA):

  1. "Regulation of Marijuana in Oregon" PowerPoint (history, medical, retail, legislation, offenses) (PDF, 7.4mb, 152 slides, 7/15/15)
  2. Brief Summary of 2015 Oregon Marijuana Legislation (PDF, 315k, 2 pages, 7/12/15)
  3. Selected Provisions of 2015 Oregon Marijuana Legislation (PDF, 267k, 6 pages, 7/12/15)
  4. Local opt out of marijuana businesses
    1. Sample ordinances (PDF, 346k, 3 pages, 7/15/15)
    2. Sample order calling for election (PDF, 97k, 2 pages, 7/12/15)
    3. Sample ballot title (PDF, 217k, 1 page, 7/12/15)
    4. Sample ballot measure explanatory statement (PDF, 292k, 1 page, 7/12/15)
  5. New and revised marijuana offenses - training for law enforcement
    1. Booklet (PDF, 403k, 12 pages, last updated 7/1/15(
    2. PowerPoint (PDF, 1.5mb, 34 slides, last updated 7/1/15)
    3. Video (WMV, 703mb, 30 minutes, 6/30/15)
Please contact Rob at AOC for any or all of the material. If he's not in, please ask for Laura or Eric.  

AOC Legal Counsel Rob Bovett is our resident expert on marijuana legislation.


Interoperability Funding Opportunity
The State of Oregon has a unique, one-time funding opportunity for projects that advance statewide radio communications in Oregon. The State Radio Project (SRP) set aside $2.3 million for interoperability projects through the Statewide Interoperability Executive Council (SIEC). The projects that will be funded will develop interoperability between state and local public safety agencies. 

If your county is interested in learning more about this opportunity, please click on the following links for the cover letter describing the nature of the allocation process.

If you and your county are interested in applying, please contact Eric Schmidt at AOC for the application form and other needed documents. We will be sending out a seperate email later this week with all the collateral materials.

The deadline for the application submission is September 30 and the projects need to be completed by March of 2017. Please let your communications people know about this opportunity.  
Summer Summit Highlights

Here's a quick look at the sights and highlights of the AOC Summer Summit. 


Deschutes County Commissioner Tony DeBone welcomes AOC


Crook County Judge Mike McCabe




Sherman County Judge and AOC President Gary Thompson presides

County Solutions Panel

United States Senator Ron Wyden

Coos County Commissioner John Sweet and Grant County Commissioner Boyd Britton

Clackamas County Commissioner Martha Schrader is interviewed by "cable" TV crew

Barney Lerten, and Lincoln County Commissioner Bill Hall attended high school together in Portland

AOC staff plot to end Summer Summit

It was a fantastic Summer Summit. Thanks to everyone who participated. We will see you in Lane County November 17th for the Annual Conference. Watch your emails for details.

 AOC Welcomes New Business Partners

DLR Group was founded as an architecture and engineering firm in 1966 and serves clients through integrated delivery of planning, architecture, engineering, interiors, and building optimization for new construction, renovation, and adaptive reuse.  


Community Renewable Energy Association (CREA) is an intergovernmental organization that supports and promotes the development of community-based renewable energy in Oregon and at the federal level.  




St. Charles Health System is a private, nonprofit located in Central Oregon with four hospitals and more than 120 employed medical providers, and 3,400 caregivers in Bend, Madras, Redmond, Prineville and Sisters combined.


The Portland Cement Association (PCA)


Tillamook County Creamery Association


Brister & Associates Insurance Services, Inc.


Contact AOC Member Services Manager Mckenzie Farrell to learn more about the AOC Business Partner program.

LGPI Conference
Save the Date -
40th Annual
LGPI Conference
August 19 & 20, 2015
Salem Convention Center

The Annual LGPI Conference provides two days
of comprehensive training to ensure public-sector
managers are prepared for today's complex
personnel and labor issues.

Registration Open Now!

To learn more about the great topics
and experts presenters on tap for this year's Conference

Your Resource for Labor Relations and HR Assistance
Please feel free to contact Laura Cleland or Eric Schmidt at AOC with any questions you might have about AOC. We will make sure you are connected to the right policy manager or member services manager. We are also looking for timely stories and photos that you might want to share with our newsletter list. Please let us know.