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July 21, 2015

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The AOC C3 (Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.) Summer Summit at the Bend Riverhouse is just around the corner! Our new registration system is working well and the feedback we've received is that the new system is very easy to use. So, get yourself registered! If you have attended an AOC conference in the past you will already have an account in the registration system. If, for some reason, the system doesn't find you just hit the button to create a new account. Go to the AOC and purchase a Summer Summit registration. 


Click here for program information. We have a great lineup of speakers -- there will be some very valuable tools and information to take away.


NACo Conference 
The National Association of Counties 2015 Annual Conference recently concluded in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina (Charlotte). 

While the conference and exposition were held in the impressive Charlotte Convention Center where it was reasonably cool, the weather outside in North Carolina is not particularly inviting this time of the year, unless you happen to be from Eastern Oregon. Here's a local news story from the first day of the conference explaining that statement.

Much more from Mecklenburg County, including a lot of photos that are not selfies, later in this edition of Oregon Trails.  
Oregon Legislature by the Numbers       
During the recently completed Oregon Legislative Assembly, 2,804 bills were introduced, slightly less than than the 3000 average of several past sessions. Of those 2,804 bills, the policy staff at the Association of Oregon Counties tracked 1,774 of them as bills of interest to counties, which is 63 percent of all the bills introduced.

If your AOC policy staff seems a little disjointed (not because its legal) over the next couple of weeks, it is because they are in recovery, but we expect to see most of them in fine form at the Summer Summit in Deschutes County August 9 - 11.  


Marijuana Materials

AOC Legal Counsel Rob Bovett recently generated a number of materials related to marijuana legislation, many of which are continuously being updated and supplemented. As of July 20, 2015, the following materials are available to AOC members upon request, and have also been made available to members of the Oregon County Counsels Association (OCCA):

  1. "Regulation of Marijuana in Oregon" PowerPoint (history, medical, retail, legislation, offenses) (PDF, 7.4mb, 152 slides, 7/15/15)
  2. Brief Summary of 2015 Oregon Marijuana Legislation (PDF, 315k, 2 pages, 7/12/15)
  3. Selected Provisions of 2015 Oregon Marijuana Legislation (PDF, 267k, 6 pages, 7/12/15)
  4. Local opt out of marijuana businesses
    1. Sample ordinances (PDF, 346k, 3 pages, 7/15/15)
    2. Sample order calling for election (PDF, 97k, 2 pages, 7/12/15)
    3. Sample ballot title (PDF, 217k, 1 page, 7/12/15)
    4. Sample ballot measure explanatory statement (PDF, 292k, 1 page, 7/12/15)
  5. New and revised marijuana offenses - training for law enforcement
    1. Booklet (PDF, 403k, 12 pages, last updated 7/1/15(
    2. PowerPoint (PDF, 1.5mb, 34 slides, last updated 7/1/15)
    3. Video (WMV, 703mb, 30 minutes, 6/30/15)
Please contact Rob at AOC for any or all of the material. If he's not in, please ask for Laura or Eric.  

AOC Legal Counsel Rob Bovett is our resident expert on marijuana legislation.


Transportation/Community & Economic Development

Transportation/Community & Economic Development

The following items really don't have much to do with either Transportation or Community and Economic Development, but the editors of Oregon Trails could spin them that way with a straight face.  


Crook County Judge Mike McCabe meets with Governor Kate Brown in her ceremonial office at the State Capitol. Judge McCabe thanked the Governor for her support of SB 611 which gives Apple more opportunity to expand in Crook County.  


OK, we wave the no selfie rule for this photo.  Left to Right - Doris Penwell, AOC Consultant, Governor Brown, Mary Stern, AOC Policy Manager.  


AOC Policy Manager Mary Stern navigates transportation issues along with community and economic development.


Interoperability Funding Opportunity
The State of Oregon has a unique, one-time funding opportunity for projects that advance statewide radio communications in Oregon. The State Radio Project (SRP) set aside $2.3 million for interoperability projects through the Statewide Interoperability Executive Council (SIEC). The projects that will be funded will develop interoperability between state and local public safety agencies. 

If your county is interested in learning more about this opportunity, please click on the following links for the cover letter describing the nature of the allocation process.

If you and your county are interested in applying, please contact Eric Schmidt at AOC for the application form and other needed documents. We will be sending out a seperate email later this week with all the collateral materials.

The deadline for the application submission is September 30 and the projects need to be completed by March of 2017. Please let your communications people know about this opportunity.  
Water Policy

A message from Brett Bronscombe, ODFW

Last week, ODFW advanced temporary rules restricting fishing in inland waters for salmon, steelhead, and trout as well as sturgeon (to be addressed in a separate temporary rule following additional coordination with Washington State).  The restrictions are driven by the emergency situation facing most Oregon rivers and streams due to drought conditions, low snowpack, low instream flows, extreme weather and highly elevated stream temperatures.  The situation has resulted in lethal conditions for fish in several areas to date, and while air temperatures have moderated over the past week, temperatures remain elevated to levels of concern in many waterbodies.  In addition, the forecast is for continued hot weather with no influx of cold water on the horizon.  The restrictions are intended to reduce and minimize stress on native fish that are already stressed due to the above-mentioned conditions. 


In short, the restrictions involve daily no fishing requirements in flowing inland waters from 2pmonward across the State, with specific exceptions applied to respective basins where areas of cold water persist.  Exceptions also exist for tidewater areas and the restrictions do not affect fishing for warm-water species.  The restriction trigger of 2pm targets the hottest part of the day (when water temperatures are also most acute).  Other states have also taken this approach.  In its communications related to these rules, the Department will emphasize that fishing opportunities still exist prior to the daily 2pm restriction trigger, and even with the restrictions in place, opportunities still exist in lakes, reservoirs for hatchery and warmwater fish.


The temporary rules will remain in effect until further notice, .  Rules will expire in 180 days unless ratified by Commission, with the expectation that the rules will not be necessary when cooler weather and rain arrive.  ODFW will be doing a media release, and we have reached out in advance to constituent groups affected by the temp. rules.  Please feel free to contact me as desired.



Brett Brownscombe


Acting Interim Deputy Director

Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife


For more information please contact AOC Policy Director Gil Riddell who works on water policy issues.


Veterans Writing Project Workshop Set

The Founder and Director of the Veterans Writing Project, Ron Capps, is coming to Portland to work with veterans interested in writing about their military experiences. A two-day workshop will be held August 8 and 9 in Portland.  


For more information please click here. Feel free to pass this along to any interested groups or individuals. And please contact Andy Smith at AOC if you need more detail.  


AOC Policy Manager Andrew Smith is in charge of the Veterans' portfolio. 


Mike's Photo 

Errata:  In the last edition of Oregon Trails  we incorrectly spelled Mike McArthur's name. Sorry Boss. We were just checking to see if you really read the newsletter.  

Pelicans on the Deschutes River. Photo from the renowned camera phone artist Mike McArthur.  
NACo Annual Conference
NACo 2015-16 Officers, l-r- 1st VP Brian Desloge, President Sallie Clark, 2nd VP Roy Charles Brooks, Immediate Past President Riki Hokama, NACo Exec. Dir. Matt Chase.

The 2015 NACo Annual Conference is in the rear view mirror, which is an appropriate metaphor for the location of the conference, the home of NASCAR, Charlotte, North Carolina. A spirited contest for NACo 2nd Vice President ended with the election of Tarrant County, TX Commissioner Roy Charles Brooks. Multnomah County Commissioner Judy Shiprack gave a strong seconding speech for Commissioner Brooks who defeated Coconino County, AZ Supervisor Liz Archuleta and Rich County, UT Commission Chair Bill Cox on the first ballot of voting. DeKalb County, GA Commissioner Larry Johnson dropped out of the race the morning of the election.  

Speaking of elections, we are very sad to report that Tillamook County Commissioner Tim Josi lost his reelection bid for NACo West Region Representative. Tim reflected that while it wasn't easy losing the election, he is okay with not being the West Region Representative any longer. He has a lot on his plate here at home and he says he's already feeling less stressed. Thank you Tim for all you've done. You set a new standard for NACo regional representatives.

Conference attendees approved a packet of Policy Resolutions and Platform Changes that can be found here. Two of President Obama's cabinet officers, the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Transportation spoke to the conference along with the Deputy Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental affairs. Former NBA star Brad Daugherty entertained the conference and journalist Soledad O'Brien provided the parting words.  

Other than the weather, it was an interesting conference.

NACo Highlights


Oregon Delegation meets informally.
Multnomah County Commissioners Judy Shiprack and Loretta Smith
















Jackson County Commissioner and WIR 1st VP Doug Breidenthal
Multnomah County Commissioner Diane Mckeel















NACo 2nd VP Candidate Roy Charles Brooks stumps at the Oregon-Washington reception

Hood River County Commissioner Karen Joplin, Clackamas County Commissioner Martha Schrader, some guy off the street, Multnomah County Commissioner Diane McKeel


Umatilla County Commissioner and AOC 1st VP Larry Givens and Lincoln County Commissioner and AOC 2nd VP Bill Hall
Clackamas County Commissioner Martha Schrader accepts NACo Achievement Award - Best In Criminal Justice and Public Safety Category


















Sherman County Judge and AOC President Gary Thompson
Oregon Delegation Caucus

Commissioner Shiprack delivers "second" speech for Commissioner Brooks

Tillamook County Commissioner Tim Josi and Columbia County Commissioner Tony Hyde - both AOC past presidents and gray guys



 AOC Welcomes New Business Partners

DLR Group was founded as an architecture and engineering firm in 1966 and serves clients through integrated delivery of planning, architecture, engineering, interiors, and building optimization for new construction, renovation, and adaptive reuse.  


Community Renewable Energy Association (CREA) is an intergovernmental organization that supports and promotes the development of community-based renewable energy in Oregon and at the federal level.  




St. Charles Health System is a private, nonprofit located in Central Oregon with four hospitals and more than 120 employed medical providers, and 3,400 caregivers in Bend, Madras, Redmond, Prineville and Sisters combined.


The Portland Cement Association (PCA)


Tillamook County Creamery Association


Brister & Associates Insurance Services, Inc.


Contact AOC Member Services Manager Mckenzie Farrell to learn more about the AOC Business Partner program.

LGPI Conference
Save the Date -
40th Annual
LGPI Conference
August 19 & 20, 2015
Salem Convention Center

The Annual LGPI Conference provides two days
of comprehensive training to ensure public-sector
managers are prepared for today's complex
personnel and labor issues.

Registration Open Now!

To learn more about the great topics
and experts presenters on tap for this year's Conference

Your Resource for Labor Relations and HR Assistance
Please feel free to contact Laura Cleland or Eric Schmidt at AOC with any questions you might have about AOC. We will make sure you are connected to the right policy manager or member services manager. We are also looking for timely stories and photos that you might want to share with our newsletter list. Please let us know.  
See you Deschutes County August 9-10-11 for the AOC Summer Summit!