There Is No Good Way To Manage People: But We Have To Try Anyway

by Tron Jordheim

�People are people� the old saying goes. That means everyone brings their own personal baggage with them to work. People make poor choices, act rashly and defend their own comfort zones. People have agendas all their own that often have nothing to do with the work agenda that you, as the manager, are promoting.

Sometimes the selfish and petty things people do are no surprise. Some employees repeat a behavior that has been seen before many times if you let them. Infighting, jealousy, jockeying for position and defending turf are pretty normal behaviors. Sometimes the selfish and petty behavior is quite a surprise.

In contrast, every workplace has people who perform well, take care of themselves, are supportive of others on the team when needed and keep below the radar.

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AOCA's Article Associationally Speaking Included in This Month's National Oil & Lube News

Here is a sneak peek into Associationally Speaking:

Sue Ackley served as the first female president of the Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA) from 2004 to 2006. During that time, she led the association to meet its mission of providing its members with the business tools, resources and education to professionally and successfully deliver convenient automotive oil changes and other prventive maintenance services. But she also learned the value of AOCA membership, especially in taking an active role in the association.

Below, Ackley shared more about the value of AOCA membership and what sets AOCA apart from other associations.

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Trade Associations Insist that FTC Take Action Against KIA

BETHESDA, MD - May 27, 2014 -- The Auto Care Association, Automotive Oil Change Association and the Tire Industry Association joined forces to call on the Federal Trade Commission to take immediate action to have Kia withdraw a technical bulletin warning consumers not to use non-OEM filters, which is clearly a violation of the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act.

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iFLEX 2014 Session Recordings

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• There Is No Good Way To Manage People

• AOCA's Article Associationally Speaking Included in This Month's National Oil & Lube News

• Trade Associations Insist that FTC Take Action Agains KIA

• iFLEX 2014 Session Recordings



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