Dear AOCA Members,


I am honored and excited to serve as your AOCA president for 2015. We have an energetic, involved and caring board to help guide AOCA through the coming year - and I am proud to be serving with them.


In 2015, the Board of Directors and staff are considering new ways to enhance our organization to better serve the membership within an ever-changing marketplace. This year, we have new and additional volunteer board members that - in my opinion and the opinion of many - are the finest in the industry. As you all know, our industry grows more complex and diverse daily and faces challenges that come with time. These challenges are to be expected in any industry that is based on technological evolution and significantly changing customer requirements.


This year already, the AOCA has had an enjoyable and very informative convention in Orlando, Florida, and the feedback regarding the education sessions was positive. Our membership deserves the best in these sessions, and there is an increased demand for the recorded copies amongst our membership. A member recently wrote to me, "I bought the IFLEX session recordings and it was the best $75 dollars I've spent..." The recorded copies are available for purchase on the AOCA website store


Additionally, the AOCA has made clear progress with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in our efforts to ensure that manufacturers in our industry are conducting business by the rules and laws of the land. You may click here to read the article. This is a significant action taken by the FTC via the work of AOCA. On behalf of the Government Affairs Committee, let me say that this area of our business is incredibly dynamic and important as our environment continues to change.


Similarly, the Technician Academy and Management Certification Course trainings - which are available to members at discounted rates - are very much in demand. These are just a few of the offerings AOCA makes available to protect and serve our membership - and it makes me proud to be a part of this Association. Please know that we will continue to think of new ways to assist members.

To those of you who feel as I do, we need you to help your association help you. In order to ensure the future growth of our Association, we must maintain current activities, work actively in the government affairs arena, and continue providing top-notch training and networking opportunities. To that end, we must work collectively to spread the word, increase our membership base and promote the growth of our Association. Your support and promotion of AOCA to other potential members is critical to our success.


When you hear about a positive advocacy outcome for your business, think of AOCA. When your management team and technicians deliver better performance results for your business, think of AOCA. When your customers see a certification on your wall and compliment your investment into training, think of AOCA. When you see or hear any of this, I ask you to call one person and invite them to join our Association. That is the best way to show your appreciation. Tell them why you are proud to be a member of the finest association in our industry. Tell them why you are proud to display the AOCA logo! 


The board, staff and I will work diligently throughout the year to make the AOCA even stronger. With that, I ask you to be AOCA's ambassadors. Together, we can ensure a bright and successful future for AOCA and our members.  

Best Regards,


Len Minco
AOCA 2015 Board President 

If you have any questions, please contact AOCA Headquarters at info@aoca.org or 1.800.230.0702.