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Issue 5
March 2017
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National Surveyors' Conference
by Blain Martin, Executive Director

The National Surveyors' Conference was an incredible success by all accounts. The meeting format was different from what we have had in the past and that seemed to be a refreshing approach for everyone. Our speakers were both educational and inspirational.
A video was made of each session and once the recordings are edited, they will be made available on GeoEd. The Opening Ceremonies will be a free video as we want to use it as a marketing tool for a wide audience. As a free video, it was posted on YouTube yesterday! Here is the link to it (click the image):

A Survey Monkey will be coming out next week so that we can do a full analysis on how our members felt about the National Surveyors' Conference.
Part of the success of the meeting was due to the sponsors, the exhibitors, the delegates and those that worked on creating the event for us. Thank you all!!

Enjoy some highlights from the AGM below!

Opening Ceremonies with three Association Presidents on stage:
(left to right) Tania Bigstone, ACLS; Murray Purcell, AOLS; Sophie Morin, OAGQ

Newly sworn in OLS's - Congratulations!

Charles Wilkins, author of Great Lengths, accepting President's Award from AOLS President Murray Purcell at the Presidents' Reception & Gala Dinner

The three Executive Directors who came up with the concept of the joint National Surveyors' Conference:
(left to right)  Jean-Claude Tétreault, ACLS; Blain Martin, AOLS; Luc St-Pierre, OAGQ

Annual Reports

Hard copies of the annual reports were provided at the AGM on Friday, March 3rd.

Please find the electronic copies of the reports below.

AGM 2017 CPD Hours
by Julia Savitch, Program Manager

A number of members have asked me about CPD hours that are allocated to various parts of the AGM. Please note that the CPD hours are indicated on pages 6 and 7 of the Conference Program booklet that all the registrants received in their red bag when they checked in for the conference.

This booklet has been posted to our website in the calendar event for the AGM - under March 1, 2 and 3, 2017:

Please Note: CPD hours are not indicated for the AOLS Business Meeting on Friday, March 3rd, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. This session qualifies for 3 Meeting Attendance CPD hours.

You will notice that this year's conference was heavy on Professional (Meeting Attendance) CPD hours. If you have attended all the sessions from Wednesday to Friday, you should have accumulated 3.5 Formal and 9.5 Professional CPD hours. This should be helpful to the members since obtaining the required number of Professional hours was a concern for some at the end of their first CPD cycle.

When submitting your CPD hours for the AGM, you don't need to make a separate entry for each session that you attended. Just add up your Formal and your Professional hours and make two entries - one for each category. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

"Great Lengths" Update
by Blain Martin, Executive Director

The publication of the AOLS book, Great Lengths, is another success for 2017. Yesterday I received an email from one of our members saying that he now " had an opportunity to spend a few sessions with the book and was enjoying the read." He went on to say that "it captures both the character of the people and the history of the AOLS in a highly readable style that I hope will have wider appeal than just with the members."
I could not agree more with the sentiment. At this point, I want to thank the Author, Charles Wilkins, the publisher Dan Diamond, the book committee, and of course all the sponsors that made the project even remotely possible. In addition, I want to thank all those that contributed their stories to make this an exciting book for everyone.

I also want to talk about the delivery of Great Lengths to schools and libraries. Some members thought that they were to deliver the four books they received as sponsors to the local schools. That is not the case!! We are working with the Board of Education to ensure the books are going through the right process to be delivered locally. The books that sponsors have already received are for those sponsors to keep.
My last note is about availability of additional copies. They will be made available as a product on our website shortly, and we have already put them up for sale on Ebay - please go to

Videos Promoting Surveying

Two short videos promoting surveying as a career were presented at the AGM last week. If you have not yet seen these amazing videos or would like to re-watch them, please click the images below!

Please also feel free to forward the links to these videos to anyone you would like to encourage to consider a career in surveying. Both videos are posted on the AOLS YouTube channel at

"Specialist High Skills Major - Get a head start in your career!"

Mapping out a career path in Land Surveying is the topic of the animated video prepared by the AOLS Geomatics Recruitment and Liaison Committee (GRLC) to enable students to get an inside look into the land surveying profession and to highlight the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Surveying Certification Program. This program is being promoted to teachers in high schools all across Ontario.

"I am an Ontario Land Surveyor"

The video "I am an Ontario Land Surveyor" is the winning entry of the John Duncan Barnes Multimedia Award. This one-time award was presented to the video creator, Chris Fox, OLS, at the AOLS 125th AGM by The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors Educational Foundation in honour of one of its founders and first donor, John (Jack) Barnes. Along with the award, Chris also received $5000.

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