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Issue 8
April 2017
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Survey Monkey Results for In Sight
by Blain Martin, Executive Director

Our newsletter, AOLS In Sight has been published every two weeks since 2011! Julia has done a remarkable job of keeping the AOLS members informed about many aspects of our Association via our newsletter. One of the comments in the Survey Monkey (see results here) stated that, "This newsletter has been the best form of communication that I have seen from the AOLS in a long time."

As I talk to AOLS members at various meetings, many say how well informed they are about Association matters. This is exemplified by 97% of the respondents in the Survey Monkey who checked that the value of our newsletter was either "Good" or "Excellent".

I particularly liked Question 4 in the Survey Monkey where members were able to identify the type of content that was the most meaningful to them. During the first few months of the publication of In Sight, I recall wondering if we would have enough content to keep the newsletter interesting and informative. It has turned out that we have so much content that we have to pick and choose what to include in each issue or what to defer to the next one.

Question 4 lets us know what the AOLS Members would like to see and we will try to incorporate these suggestions in the upcoming issues. We will continue with course announcements and general news. In the next several issues, we will provide content from our Committees. The content will include the member list, the terms of reference and current activities. The Nominating Committee is the first Committee to provide an update (see below). In addition, we will add updates from Council when available. 

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to respond to this Survey Monkey and I want to congratulate Julia for a job really well done! We have had many Survey Monkeys over the years and the results are all located on our website.

Nominating Committee Update

In the recent Survey Monkey on the In Sight (see above), y ou have asked for more updates from the AOLS committees, and we have listened!

Please click here to read the first update - one from the Nominating Committee, submitted by  Travis Hartwick, Past President.

April AOLS Webinar Is Posted

The recording of this Wednesday's webinar,  " The Life Cycle of an Investment Plan" that was  presented by  Julie Brough, Executive Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Logan Wealth Management, has been posted to GeoEd at the same location where all our past webinar recordings are stored: 

The presenter's slides are posted along with the recording.

" Great Lengths" Update 
by Blain Martin, Executive Director

The Survey Monkey that I mentioned above provided me with a bit of a chuckle when one member said it is time to "Put the Book to Bed". It is clear that this member did not really understand the value of "Great Lengths" as a marketing tool.

Last week I visited my own High School in Orillia with Chester Stanton. We met the Principal and the Guidance Councillor of the school. They did know about land surveying but did not realize that it is a self-regulating profession, nor did they realize that there are both technical and professional components to it.

We presented each of them with a copy of "Great Lengths", a couple of OPS magazines, and a copy of the attached presentation. Both of these people understood immediately the potential of a career in our profession. The Guidance Councillor is going to put up our posters in the appropriate area of the school to help the students.

It should also be noted that this school has an SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) accreditation just like Richmond Green Secondary School does. The Principal and the Guidance Councillor were certainly interested in offering the course for their students. Their interest became even stronger when Chester said that he would support the endeavor.

Of particular note was that the Principal said he had the authority to accept our book into the school library and this was certainly a book that he wanted there. It seems clear that meeting with the Principal demonstrated the value of getting "Great Lengths" into our school system for students when they are at an age when they can choose the science and mathematics options necessary for a career in Land Surveying.

Many surveyors that sponsored the book asked if they could deliver a copy to their local schools. Our meeting in Orillia proved that is it possible to do that. If you are interested in doing this, please have a look at the attached presentation and contact Penny ( so that she can keep track of the schools that are covered.

Please note that the time spent on promoting the surveying profession via delivering Great Lengths to the schools qualifies for Professional Activity CPD time (Committee Participation).

" Imagery as a Source of  Geospatial Information" Workshop

The Canadian Institute of Geomatics would like to announce their next workshop:

"Imagery as a Source of Geospatial Information"
June 1, 2017 (08:00 - 16:45)
Algonquin College, 1385 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa, ON K2G 1V8

This Workshop will bring you up to date on many sources of imagery available, from historical to contemporary, and explain how this imagery is being put to use. It will  cover everything from historical aierial imagery all the way to Google imagery and the Planet Labs satellite acquisition system.

There will be 8 speakers presenting,  with one via video link from Central Canada.

Attending this workshop qualifies for 7 Formal CPD hours.

News from Our Suppliers:
Spring Promotion on DML2000-XR Locator
by Arthur Dias, Dias & Dias Electronics 

Dias & Dias Electronics are offering a Spring Promotion on their best-selling locator for the past 4 years -  DML2000-XRThis reliable locator is currently being offered for over 20% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price (guaranteed to end of May 2017)! 

Click here for the flyer with more information.

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