31 August 2020
AORA August News
From the National Executive Officer
In early 2020, AORA commissioned a study from Australian Economic Advocacy Solutions (AEAS) entitled The Economic Contribution of the Australian Organics Recycling Industry. The resulting report, published in March 2020, details the considerable macroeconomic contribution of the industry: over 4,845 jobs, $366 million in wages and salaries, $1.9 billion in supply chain opportunities and $724 million in industry value add to the Australian economy.
As a result of the successful rollout of that report and following broad discussion of the need to establish the productive capacity of the industry and to identify key gaps, AORA has commissioned a further study from AEAS to examine the organic recycling industry’s existing and potential capacity. The study will provide an independent and robust assessment of the industry’s ability to step up as an economic, employment and environment provider of benefit. It will examine the industry’s capacity nationally, and in each state and territory.
AEAS has commenced work on this study with the final report deliverable in September. We have implemented agreements with two government environment agencies to become partners in the delivery of this study and we are continuing discussions with other states to also join the work.
If you haven’t already heard from Nick Behrens of AEAS, inviting you to contribute to this study, you will soon. Any data you provide will be seen exclusively by AEAS: it will not be provided to AORA staff, Directors or Members. You can rest assured of your personal and business confidentiality when you contribute to this vital project.

I look forward to sharing its results with AORA members in a few weeks

As always, don't hesitate to call or email me if you would like to discuss any issues, peter@aora.org.au or 0458 404 898.

Peter Olah
National Executive Officer
Welcome to our newest AORA Members
We would like to welcome the following new Members to AORA

  • Tim Charlton (NSW)
  • Andrew Crosling (VIC)
  • Ian Kerr (VIC)
Did you miss the Members webinar?
Last Thursday we held a member webinar with ABA President, Rowan Williams on the topic Compostable Bioplastics. The webinar was well attended by over 50 member organisations.

The Q & A session was a highlight and we really pleased to see the member engagement. Whilst we would love to see you all face to face at events, these member webinars are proving to be highly engaging and an excellent way to disseminate information.
If you attended last weeks webinar and have not yet provided your feedback, we would greatly appreciate it and you can also suggest future webinar topics.
To access the webinar replay, presentation or associated reports, you can access via the member portal on the AORA website.
Vale Frank Johnston
It is with sadness that we pay tribute to AORA Member Frank Johnston, NSW of Billabong Compost and Johnstons Transport. Frank passed away after battling illness in late April. Frank was a passionate contributor to AORA meetings over the years, particularly whilst establishing Billabong Compost.
Student outcomes from SA training program
Jeffries Group Plant Operator, Michael Langley spoke with Uma Preston, AORA SA Officer about the benefits of the AORA training program so far.

Michael started work for Jeffries Buckland Park facility three and a half years ago. He operates large equipment for grinding and screening materials and he uses this equipment as part of making a range of Jeffries products such as compost and mulch. In the last year Michael has also worked in the forced-aeration process used by Jeffries for composting FOGO which includes temperature and oxygen monitoring.

A key benefit from the training for Michael, has been a deeper knowledge of the composting process and how it links to his work on a daily basis. Michael commented that the program has also given him a wider perspective on the supply chain from raw materials to finished quality compost. For example, Michael describes how this knowledge has reinforced the importance of operating procedures relating to windrow piles that allow the composting process to be optimised.

Overall, Michael sees the training program as a valuable way to expand his knowledge and skills in organics recycling which he can apply in continuing to driving best practice and high quality products through his roles in Jeffries operations.
Grow, Eat...COMPOST...Repeat
International Compost Awareness Week
Competition Opens tomorrow

AORA is proud to be a sponsor again in 2021 of International Compost Awareness Week and we would love your help to spread the word.

Each year there is an ICAW Poster Contest. The winning design will be used for the 2021 poster, promoting International Compost Awareness Week, and you can win $500(USD). We would love to see an Australian winner this year! There is also a new element to ICAW this year for children in grades 4-8 with a video contest.

Help us spread the word by sharing on social media or via your websites.
AORA SA Members: Event of Interest

AORA SA is proud to be a Speaker sponsor for the upcoming War on Waste in the Northern Adelaide Plains event being held on Friday Sept 4. The focus for the event is strategies for Improved Soil and Addressing Plastic Waste and is a Joint Seminar presented by Sustaining Endeavour for members and guests of the NAP Food Cluster and AORA SA Branch.

Please contact Uma Preston to RSVP by 2nd Sep 2020 to uma.preston@gmail.com or 0452 537 266
AORA Members in the news
How food scraps will power 3,200 WA homes
The City of Cockburn are running the first free commercial food waste trial in Western Australia. The trial, in partnership with AORA Member Richgro, will see food waste turned into high quality biofertiliser.

Organics processing facility to put waste to good use
Work is commencing on a new $7 million organic processing facility, by AORA Member Soilco Pty Ltd, will be capable of dealing with nearly 21,000 tonnes of food and garden organics (FOGO) annually.

Cotton waste composter uses earthworms to turn waste into high-grade fertiliser
AORA Member, Worm Tech, discusses the use of earthworms to break down tough cotton residue
Of interest
ISWA Soils Project
Catch up on recent webinars includes global assessment of municipal organic waste, state of soils and benefits of compost and anaerobic digestate.

Dishing the dirt: Australia's move to store carbon in soil is a problem for tackling climate change.
Storing carbon in soil is a promising way to offset emissions from other sources such as energy generation, industry and transport.

Compost Laws
The Sustainable Economies Law Centre and Institute of Local Self-Reliance in the US have created a series of composting resources, including a state by state table of statutes, regulations and permitting rules.

Climate change and land use are accelerating soil erosion by water
A recent study by the University of Basel examines soil erosion over the next 50 years.

Horse manure a great addition when composting spent coffee grounds
Recently undertaken study into recycling coffee grounds and the addition of horse manure to increase their value.

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