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Get Your Research Ideas for Improving Vermont's Transportation in by December 15!

Maybe you have data that needs analysis, a widget or process that needs improvement, and/or a Vermont-specific transportation need. Tell us if you have an idea for research that you think the Vermont Agency of Transportation (AOT) should fund which can be conducted by a research team on our Qualified Researchers List (QRL). Use the Research Idea Submission Form to submit your ideas for spending our limited research funds. Fill out as much as you can.

Research ideas are vetted by AOT managers and must be paired with an AOT Staff Champion who has supervisor approval to go forward. Approved ideas will be distributed to our QRL in January. You can find more information on the Additional Research Resources page.

Research Idea Submission Form

Soliciting Universities and Consultants for Our Qualified Researcher List

AOT Contract Administration is managing the re-solicitation of our Qualified Researcher List, which occurs every two years. All universities and consultants that want to conduct research for VT AOT must get on the QRL. To get on or stay on the QRL, you must submit a QRL package. We anticipate accepting submissions that meet the criteria. Please respond by the December 22 deadline to get on the list. Qualified Researchers will receive 2023 Research Problem Statements in January.

To learn more, see the AOT Contract Administration Solicitations page.

Featured Projects This Quarter

AOT Innovates!

To improve our transportation services now and in the future and effectively manage public funding, AOT launched our AOT Innovates! initiative in July 2022.

See Symposium Page for More Info

Traffic Safety ToolboxAddressing Speeds

Reducing speed limits does not necessarily reduce traffic speeds, so this project will create a clear and concise web-based "Traffic Safety Toolbox" with information about other safety countermeasures to help small and rural Vermont communities reduce speeds on their local and state roadways.

See Project Page for More Info

Achieving a Smooth Ride by Automated Machine Guidance

VTrans worked with Pike Industries to perform a 1-mile demonstration of Topcon Corp.'s SmoothRide Solution, an all-inclusive e-construction technology road resurfacing system that has the potential to achieve a smoother riding surface than conventional construction methods while saving time and decreasing labor.

See Symposium Page for More Info

Final Report Available!

DCP Analysis

Enabling statistical comparisons of the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) pavement data collected on several recent paving projects, this study found that DCP is a reliable, low-cost tool for assessing pavement layers and should be used after roadway bases have stabilized.

See Project Page for More Info

Final Report Available!

Anti-Stripping Tests

This research project explored the reliability of the prevalently used standard ASTM D3625 boiling water test method to screen Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) before pavement construction and help prevent HMA "stripping" without anti-stripping additives or more cumbersome and expensive tests.

See Project Page for More Info

Dr. Emily Parkany, PE, Research Manager
Vermont Agency of Transportation | 802.272.6862 | emily.parkany@vermont.gov http://vtrans.vermont.gov/planning/research