AP African American Studies
ORLANDO FLORIDA, JANUARY 31, 2023 - Florida PTA looks forward to reviewing the College Board’s just-released AP African American Studies curriculum as a potentially valuable new college-level elective for high school students intent upon broadening their knowledge of America and sharpening their critical thinking skills.

Our 165,000-member association, due to celebrate its 100th anniversary this April, has long been a proponent of a rich and inclusive curriculum that celebrates the achievements of all of our nation’s diverse peoples and cultures. In recent years, it has stood behind legislative efforts to provide K-12 instruction in Holocaust Studies, in African American history, and in the history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. We back testing in the native language for English Learners in subjects other than English Language Arts so that students have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and affirm their worth.

During the 2022 Legislative Session, in alignment with National PTA’s position statements on Inclusive Curricula in K-12 Education, Libraries and Educational Material, and Say Their Names: Addressing Systematic or Institutional Racism, Florida PTA firmly opposed HB 7 (Individual Freedom), HB 1557 (Parental Rights in Education), and HB 1467 (K-12 Education).

We raised concerns that the ambiguous wording of these bills held the potential to privilege subjective judgments, and hence to trigger attempts to impose school-site censorship.

“The values of PTA, collaboration, commitment, diversity, respect, and accountability hold our members to a standard which acknowledges the contributions of all people”, said Carolyn Nelson-Goedert, President of Florida PTA. “We accomplish this is by recognizing lived experiences and ensuring that the history of those experiences is neither lost nor diluted.”

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