Dear AP Student and Family,

College Board has released more information about the 2020 AP exams. We strongly encourage students to take the time to review the below information and links to make sure they are successfully prepared for their AP exams.

This guide has lots of helpful information to help you understand the test day experience, the important steps students need to take before test day and receiving your exam e-ticket.

Exam Day Checklists
These checklists will help students confirm they are set up to take their AP exams on testing day:

On May 4, College Board will post an AP exam demo for students to practice submitting their exam responses. This demo will also help confirm that a student’s testing device will be able to access and run the online exam.

The AP World Language exams will be administered using a new app called the AP World Languages Exam App . Students must use this app on a smartphone or tablet . World Language exams cannot be taken on a laptop or desktop computer. This free app will be available to download the week of May 11. College Board will email both students and teachers when this app is available to download.

Students can find documents needed before and on exam day. These resources can be downloaded to a student’s personal device or can be printed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Am I registered to take my AP exam?
All students currently enrolled in an AP class have been registered for their AP exams. No further action is required.

When will I receive my testing e-ticket?
Students will receive their testing e-ticket two days before each exam. Students can also access their e-ticket in their student account on My AP . You will need to click your e-ticket containing your AP ID to access your exam.

What if I cannot test on the May testing date?
It’s recommended that students test in May, unless there is a significant conflict. There are limited June dates available that can be used as a backup in case of any technical glitches or disruptions. If you cannot test in May, students will not use the e-ticket for the May exam and will automatically receive an e-ticket for the June makeup testing.

During testing, what if my device crashes or loses internet access?
If this happens, College Board recommends students click their exam e-ticket again to return to the exam. If a student feels at the end of the exam that this temporary disruption negatively impacted their performance, students can request approval to take a makeup exam through the AP Makeup Testing Request Form . Students must have their original e-ticket to fill out the form and should submit the form within 48 hours of the original exam date.

What should I do if I decide not to take my AP exam?
If a student decides not to take their AP exam, they simply need to not use their e-ticket for that exam on exam day.

The College Board website also has more detailed information, online videos and instruction links to help students learn more about the upcoming AP exams. If you have any questions, please contact AP Coordinator Mrs. House .


Mrs. Swann
High School Principal

Mr. Aiello
Director of Curriculum and Instruction