April 30, 2021

Dear Upper School Families,

What a great end to the week: ALL DAY 4 CA, our last round of junior speeches delivered, and the seniors excitedly counting down their last few days of classes! With the calendar turning to May, it also means we’ll be administering AP exams over the next two weeks.

The information below should help you navigate the testing if your child is signed up to take an AP exam. Note that the schedule is actually two weeks plus one day.
Week 1 AP Exams
Week 2 AP Exams
Students will be testing in classrooms in one designated area of Upper School where it can be closed off from the usual traffic that occurs between classes. They’ll receive an email prior to their test day with their assigned room. Here’s a quick checklist of reminders:

  • Morning check-in: students check in as usual at their assigned entrances.
  • Be in dress code.
  • Bring pencils and blue or black ink pens.
  • Cell phones: phones need to be powered down and left in backpacks outside of testing rooms. Students may not use, access or have their phones near them during testing or on the short breaks. If there’s an emergency, please contact the US Office at 614-509-2281.

Also, students with a noon exam may opt out of their morning classes and come in just for the exam. However, parents/guardians must inform the US Office if a student is staying home for the morning. Students with morning exams must attend afternoon classes but will not have to take additional tests on those days.

Should you have any questions related to the upcoming AP Exams, please feel free to contact the US office. We wish them well on the exams ahead.


Head of Upper School