Dear AP Student and Family,

AP testing will look different this year from year’s past, and traditional, face-to-face exam administrations will not take place. Instead, students will take their AP exam(s) online. Additional resources will be available from College Board in the weeks ahead for students to practice and prepare for this new, online testing format.

Exam Dates
  • Exams will be given May 11-22
  • Each subject’s exam will be taken on the same day at the same time, worldwide; view the schedule online
  • Make up test dates will be available for each subject, June 1-5.

Exam Format
  • Most exams will have one or two free response questions and will be timed separately
  • Any device—computer, tablet or smartphone—can be used to test
  • Students will be able to type or hand write their responses and exams will be open book/open note
  • Exams, for most subjects, will be 45 minutes long, plus an additional 5 minutes for uploading. Students will need to access the online testing 30 minutes prior to the exam for set up.
  • Some courses—AP Art and Design, AP Computer Science Principles and AP Seminar—will use portfolio submissions only and will not have a separate online exam

College Credit
  • Exams will be scored by the network of college faculty and AP teachers on a scale of 1-5
  • College Board is confident that the vast majority of higher education institutions will award college credit as they have in the past
  • Hundreds of institutions support College Board’s solution for this year’s AP exams

Exam Security
  • College Board is taking the necessary steps to protect the integrity of each exam and is confident that AP students will follow the rules for taking their exams
  • Students are not allowed to consult with any other individuals during the testing period
  • There are comprehensive and strict protocols in place to prevent and detect cheating. More information about exam security can be found online.

College Board Approved Accommodations
  • Providing accommodations to students who have approved accommodations is one of College Board’s top priorities
  • More information will be communicated once we receive it from College Board

Benefits of Taking the Exam
  • Gain an advantage on your path to college and earn potential college credit
  • Shows your ability to stick with a commitment while building a strong college-level academic skill set along the way

All students should continue to work with their AP teacher(s) regarding course and homework expectations. AP teachers will also review the new AP exam format and the exam specifics with students before the exam dates.

College Board knows that not all students have access to the internet or a reliable electronic device and are working on solutions to help students get what they need to show their best work. If you need help, let College Board know by completing this form before April 24 or let your AP teacher(s) know as soon as possible.

We will continue to send you updates on AP exams as we receive them from College Board. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the AP Coordinator Mrs. House or your AP teacher.

We feel confident that our students will be well prepared for this new AP exam format. Stay healthy, be well and remember to take care of each other.


Barbara Swann
High School Principal

Ryan Aiello
Director of Curriculum and Instruction