June - 2020
The Trusted Exhaust System
The Tri-Stack® System is your solution for exhaust fume and odor control
Strobic Air’s Tri-Stack® exhaust systems are practical, cost-effective, and energy efficient solutions for all of your exhaust needs. Whether your concern is pollution abatement, re-entrainment, or odor control Tri-Stack® systems offer an effective solution for you.

Advantages of Tri-Stack® Fans  
  • Prevent Re-entrainment
  • Safe, Low Maintenance Operation
  • Attractive Design
  • Low Height for Minimal Visual Impact
  • Low Vibration for Quieter Operation
  • Ability to Retrofit on Almost Any Footprint
What Is Tri-Stack ® ?
There exists a common misconception that 'TRI' in
Tri-Stack® equates to three fans. However 'TRI' refers to the unique ability of each individual fan to incorporate three streams of air into a single plume:
1) The first stack comes from the building source itself.
2) The second stack is induced through the wind band. This stack allows the nozzle plume to develop fully before exiting and helps shield it from cross-winds.
3) The third stack is entrained through the teardrop shaped motor cut-outs. The nozzle design allows the motor to remain outside of the hazardous exhaust stream.
Smart System™
A Smart Response
The Smart System™ is designed to quickly respond to fan failures and other adverse system conditions. In the event of a fan failure, a backup fan will immediately engage and ramp up to speed, restoring system pressure quickly. In addition, an alarm will be sent via email or text to one or several people simultaneously to notify them of the failure.
Accessories For Project Specific Applications
Harsh Environments

Tri-Stack® fans may be constructed with highly specialized materials and/or coatings for use in caustic, corrosive and other severe environments. Tri-Stack® fans are also available in rigid steel construction for high temperature applications such as emergency diesel generator,
furnace or boiler room exhaust. High temperature systems can withstand up to 1000° F continuously and incorporate a chemically resistant high temperature coating.
HEPA Filtration

Tri-Stack® HEPA filtration 
systems are available for special medical and pharmaceutical applications such as isolation room and quarantine room exhaust, Level 4 safety laboratories, or similar applications such as bag in/bag out. Smart System™ automatically maintains safe fume hood ventilation levels and minimum exhaust stack height while minimizing facility energy cost and carbon footprint. 
Energy Recovery

Unique glycol or water heat 
exchanger coil modules for Tri-Stack® systems extract exhaust heat for heating or cooling conditioned makeup air. A 1°F rise in makeup air temperature permits a corresponding 3% reduction in heating costs, drastically lowering energy costs for savings of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of dollars per year.
Retrofits and Aftermarket Solutions
Replacing outdated centrifugal fans with Tri-Stack® mixed-flow fans is sensible, convenient, and cost effective. One manifolded Tri-Stack® fan can typically replace up to 20 individually dedicated stacks. In addition to performance and operating cost advantages, retrofitting Tri-Stack® systems reduces engineering costs and eliminates extensive coordination of production and processing schedules to prevent unnecessary and expensive downtime.

Lab air exhaust systems require a unique knowledge and a rapid response to service and support. APA and Strobic each have over 25 years of experience as lab air exhaust specialists. Our engineering sales team produces solutions that are tailor-made for your project. Our field technicians and in-house sales team have a proven record of keeping the tightest deadlines with hundreds of lab air projects in the Greater Boston Area. The result of these qualities is a seamless project from start of design to handover to building owner.

Ask us today how we can help create another successful project with your team!

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