APAC Seminar Newsletter

 2013 APAC Photography Seminar
The More Things Change, The More They Remain Same

As organizers and hosts of this annual event for the past 35 years, the Abbotsford Photo Arts Club has learned to adapt to change. Early seminars were held in a church basement. We outgrew that as some years have drawn over 500 attendees! We've seen slides go and iPhones come, computers have replaced chemicals. But we've always tried to provide inspirational and instructional events. Here's an update on 2013... 

First, what's staying the same
  • The APAC Photo Seminar will continue to  feature world renowned speakers. We're very excited to have Tony Sweet as our keynote speaker for 2013! More about Tony below...
  • Workshops will continue to be a vital part of the 36th Seminar, although for this year there will be fewer than last year. However, our workshop presenters will be the best of the best!  
  • Bang for your buck! The APAC seminar has always been a great deal, and we'll continue to keep it affordable.

And some changes

  • For this year at least, it's a one-day event. To be totally honest, our committee is burned out and we needed to scale back or quit completely. And we're not going to quit!
  • NO MORE ROCK HARD BLEACHERS!! We heard the many complaints about the seating in our previous venue, and we've responded by moving to the plush environs of the Michael J Fox Theater in Burnaby, BC (a suburb of Vancouver). Click here to take the virtual tour.  
  • Again, for this year there will be no Photo Contest. We're taking some time to look at this and other aspects of past seminars to make some changes before we bring it back in the future. 

 Tony Sweet

Tony's Bio

After successful careers as a jazz musician and educator, and professional magician, Tony settled on photography as his chosen means for personal expression. Beginning as a film photographer, he reluctantly moved to the digital age. Probably one of the last of his peers to "go digital," Tony has become facile in imaging software, specializing in plugins. As a charter Nik Team member, Tony teaches and lectures throughout the United States and Canada on the creative use of plugins. For more...

Tony's Work

One of the reasons we pursued Tony was that he's current with modern technology and techniques, and he's familiar with the West Coast. Take a look at his Victoria, BC and Whidbey Island, WA folios. We'll tell you more in upcoming Seminar Newsletters.

 When, Where & How? 

When: Saturday, October 26, 2013 

Where: Michael J Fox Theatre, Burnaby, BC

Registration: Registration will open July 1. You'll be notified if it opens sooner.
Seminar Newsletter   

We'll send this newsletter out with regular updates about the workshops, more info about Tony Sweet, and other news relevant to the 2013 APAC Photo Seminar. We'll also include articles and links that will be of interest to all photographers, so please forward this letter (link below) to your photographer friends and encourage them to sign up here!

Thank you, and see you on Oct 26th!

"The more you carry, the less you shoot."
Jay Maisel