March 2019 issue

Space closing: January 31, 2019
Materials due: February 11, 2019
COVER FEATURE: Eliminating astigmatism
The true measure of astigmatism
Ophthalmologists share their approaches to measuring astigmatism
Correcting corneal astigmatism
Experts discuss their preferences for managing corneal astigmatism
Views on astigmatic keratotomy
The use of astigmatic keratotomy continues to change amid newer options
Maximizing posterior corneal astigmatism for toric IOL calculations
Measurement of the posterior surface continues to evolve, improve
Astigmatism and presbyopia-correcting IOLs
Experts share thoughts on aspects of astigmatism with presbyopia-correcting IOLs
SECONDARY FEATURE: Improving the ocular
surface for cataract and refractive surgeons

Challenging dry eye cases
Experts discuss how to handle a variety of scenarios
Managing ocular surface issues caused by vision-preserving glaucoma drops
Drops that help protect the optic nerve can be toxic to the ocular surface; experts discuss how to handle this situation
Managing neurotrophic keratitis
Addressing this orphan disease helps improve the ocular surface before surgery
Treatment plan for corneal irregularities before cataract surgery
Assess carefully, consider potential postop visual outcome
Distinguishing TASS from endophthalmitis
Expert discusses ways to differentiate between the two potentially damaging diseases
Compensating for zonular weakness in cataract surgery
Specialist describes his implementation of capsular tension rings in dealing with zonular defects
A cut above
Effect of cataract incision choice on wound integrity
Toric IOL rotated - now what?
How to manage toric IOL rotation postoperatively and preventative measures to take intraoperatively
Ergonomics of cataract surgery
Keep surgery flowing smoothly and avoid errors by checking, checking again
Surgical remedy for negative dysphotopsia
Results of a study on secondary reverse (anterior) optic capture
MSICS and its place in the hands of young eye surgeons
Experts agree that manual small incision cataract surgery has a role in regular practice and training programs, even in developed countries
Recovering from a posterior capsule hole
Surgeon explains the challenges of and recovery from a posterior capsular hole during cataract surgery
Getting better reading vision with EDOF lenses
Ophthalmologists describe nanovision and recent studies that show a good range of vision at all distances, including improved reading vision
New noninvasive refractive treatment on the horizon
Animal model tests of femtosecond laser crosslinking showed positive induction of steepening and flattening effects
Toric phakic IOLs in keratoconus
Specialist provides guidelines on the use of toric phakic IOLs in keratoconus patients
The value of macular OCT for the refractive cataract patient
A useful instrument for advanced cataract evaluation
Weighing thin LASIK
What 5-year study results say
Xiidra out of the comfort zone
Managing lifitegrast pseudo-failures
How to treat corneal ulcers unresponsive to fluoroquinolones
Experts recommend identifying the infectious agent and modifying treatment
Atypical mycobacterial interface keratitis after DMEK
A mycobacteria-contaminated donor cornea can set transplantation surgery into a tailspin
Endothelial keratoplasty donor rim evaluation
Considering infection rates in preserved tissue
Implanting an IOL in the sulcus
Selecting the correct lens and proper placement are key to a good outcome
24-hour IOP monitoring could enhance glaucoma outcomes
Triggerfish is currently the only device approved for 24-hour IOP monitoring
Biologics in the dry eye mix
What these therapies can offer patients
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