September 2018 issue

Space closing: August 31, 2018
Materials due: September 7, 2018
COVER FEATURE: Challenging cases
Challenging cases in cataract surgery
Problems can occur when you least expect it; experts discuss strategies for management
Challenging cases in refractive surgery
Experts discuss the challenges of dysfunctional lens syndrome, amblyopia, ocular surface disease, and vision restoration
Challenging cases in corneal surgery
Specific technologies and techniques for particular cases
Challenging cases in glaucoma surgery
Surgeons identify the latest treatments and innovations to help their most challenging glaucoma cases
First-in-human randomized controlled study compares phaco with miLOOP and phaco alone
Microinterventional nucleus disassembly with miLOOP resulted in significantly less phaco energy in moderate to advanced cataract
Optimizing femto fragmentation patterns based on lens density lowers phaco time
Study finds lower effective phaco time with pie fragmentation pattern for denser lenses
Post-cataract CME under examination
Considering possible connection to medications
New benefit of cataract surgery
How the procedure may impact mortality risk
How to save the nucleus
A surgeon shares the best course of action in cataract cases with a torn posterior capsule
A wrinkle in LASIK
The latest on clinically significant flap striae
Diagnostics in refractive cataract surgery: Corneal topography
Corneal topography is critical for refractive cataract surgery
Premium implant cataract surgery
High patient expectations necessitate enhancement plans
Considering percent tissue altered as a risk factor for post-LASIK ectasia
As a relatively new metric, PTA is a debated topic as to whether it should be viewed as a risk factor for post-LASIK ectasia
Study shows little effect from omega-3 fatty acids
Recent research finds that placebo had equivalent efficacy as a mainstay dry eye treatment
Reports of early use of Zepto
Surgeons share pearls and surgical results for the capsulotomy device approved for the U.S. market in 2017
HORV concerns linger for many
What to keep in mind regarding this devastating condition
PLUS: Reports from the 31st APACRS annual meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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