June 1, 2020
Spirit of Stillness

by Derek Scheidt

“BE STILL and know that I am God….”
Psalm 46:10
During this time of uncertainty, it is easy to be filled with fear and anxiety. From the news, to the Zoom calls, to the interactions on social media, it can truly be daunting. I know that my mind races as well. Questions like: what am I going to do today, are the kids going to get their work done, when are their school meetings, when do I have meetings, what are we going to do with the kids for summer, how do I work, do I need to work, are our family members safe... etc., etc. The stress level in our house goes from medium to high in a matter of moments sometimes. Everything seems so out of control.

BE Still…

We are reminded that during the chaos that is our lives right now, we are to “BE STILL… and know that I am God.” Being still can be sitting and listening to the birds singing or watching the dog chase the squirrels. It can be meditating or focusing on your breath (my watch actually reminds me to breathe). It can be drinking a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, while taking a moment to breathe and reflect. Reflecting on the goodness of God and knowing that even through the storm, He is God, He remains God.

I have been practicing yoga almost daily since this pandemic started. Originally it was to have a physical transformation. However, over the last couple days, I have begun to focus on taking time at the end of the session to meditate, to pray, and to trust. Trusting that no matter what, God is here. He is ever present and will walk with us though the uncertainty.

At the beginning of this year, I was inspired with the concept that what is broken, God can use for good. I never would have thought that a pandemic would be good, however I would say that God has and can use it for good. Families are closer together, people are learning what truly matters, they are helping neighbor or stranger, and the list goes on. Things may not be the way they were, but in time, it will be better.

As we go through today, may we learn to be still, trusting that God who is ever present, will be with us through this season of uncertainty. He will guide and shepherd us and lead us to a place of peace and stillness.
God, who is the great I AM, calm our heart and minds. Lead us to a place of stillness as we maneuver through the uncertainty of today. May we find through the practice of being still the peace that surpasses all understanding. May we share that peace with those around us. Amen.
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