April 7, 2021

All the World

by Dr. Oliver Wagner

“You are worthy, Lamb of God, for you were slaughtered and by
your blood you ransomed for God saints from every tribe and language
and people and nations.”
Revelation 5:9
The religious and political powers of this world put Jesus, the Lamb of God, to death. But all was not lost. For God raised him on the third day and out of the tragedy of the cross, we have been saved. Death was not the end of Jesus, but life. Hatred and execution spoke not the last word, but redemption and praise by those who love him. If there is a situation you face that seems too challenging or unbearable, I hope you will find strength and encouragement in the faith that God can turn darkness into light, violence into peace, and defeat into victory. With God nothing is impossible.

Recently there have been horrific acts of hatred and violence that at least in part, were motivated by racial hatred. The church must continue to speak out against violence and murder, against hate crimes of all kinds. The church must continue to stand with the suffering and marginalized of this world. We do so because our Savior suffered. We do because every person is a child of God who was made in the very image of the creator. We do so because Jesus commanded us to serve and love one another. We do so because the heavenly kingdom itself is composed of the full diversity of humanity.

The crucified and resurrected one who saves us is praised by people from every tribe and in every language. The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world saves people from all lands and nations. God’s love is truly “for all the world” and “anyone who believes” finds new life in him who is worthy.
Blessing and honor and glory and might to you, Christ Jesus, the slaughtered Lamb who now reigns from heaven’s throne in power and love. We sing your praise forever and ever! Amen.
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