January 11, 2021
Shelter from the Storm

Dr. Oliver Wagner
“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”
Isaiah 46:1
Century after century, people of faith have turned to God in their time of need and found in the Lord the strength, comfort and help that was needed. It isn’t that God always moves the mountains out of our way so much as God walks with us as we climb them. One of the biggest reasons to turn to God with trust and prayer at an early age is that life is full of challenges, obstacles and hardships. So, the earlier we learn to call on God’s name, the sooner we find the support and strength we need. Life is hard…but God is always with us as “a very present help” in times of trouble.

My uncle was a Native American whose mother taught him as a young boy to study the birds and squirrels in order to learn the importance of building a nest. “Someday, Jason, you too will need to build a nest to shelter and protect you” he remembers her teaching him from their back porch as they looked to the trees. God is not only a companion in our struggles, but God is a shelter and home away from life’s storms. A nest not only provides you rest and safety that allow you to launch…a nest is always there to welcome you home again.

What worries do you need to turn over to God today? What troubles of the world do you need to place before God’s merciful throne in prayer? This same psalm says “kingdoms totter, nations are in an uproar, mountains shake and waters roar.” When all seems lost to turmoil, war and fear, be still in God and give thanks that you are not alone but have peace and refuge in our creator, redeemer and sustainer.
God of the ages, in the midst of life’s hardships and troubles, thank you for inviting us into your gracious care. In you, may we find peace and protection from the worries of the world. Amen.
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