APF's Riaz Siddiqi on Global Connections Television

American Pakistan Foundation's Board Chair, Riaz Siddiqi was recently featured on Global Connections Television with Bill Miller, where he spoke about the role of the Pakistani-American diaspora, Pakistan's global identity, innovation in education, and APF's work.

"Our foundation's focus is to ensure that the Pakistani-American diaspora is fully immersed in the ethos of the United States...that it is as American as every other American," states Mr. Siddiqi. " It is our wish to be great ambassadors of Pakistan in the United States, and of the United States in Pakistan."

When asked by Mr. Miller about Pakistan's complex international identity, Mr. Siddiqi stated that  "Pakistan and Pakistanis are the result of centuries of history. There is a very rich tradition of music..there is a tradition of arts, and in modern-day times, there are tensions and alliances with countries around Pakistan. I try to be an ambassador of Pakistani arts and history in order to combat the monolithic view of Pakistan that is largely seen in the media...I strive to create a more accurate tapestry of Pakistan." 

In regard to the negative stereotypes associated with Pakistan and Pakistanis, Mr. Siddiqi went on to state that "we do ourselves, collectively, a disservice if we paint a people by a single attribute or a couple of attributes instead of finding what their totality is about." The American Pakistan Foundation, as Mr. Siddiqi states, helps to tell an accurate, rich narrative of Pakistani-Americans.  Watch, like, and share the full interview here.