November 2017
As we celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, it is but most fitting to give thanks to God who is "[t]he source from whom every good gift comes..., who is above all, blessed forever. He who is all good has made all things good, so that he might fill his creatures with blessings and even after the Fall he has continued his blessings as a sign of his merciful love." (Book of Blessings, no. 1).

This beautiful prayer from the book Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers turns our minds and hearts to God for His providential care - "Lord, we thank you for the goodness of our people and for the spirit of justice that fills this nation. We thank you for the beauty and fullness of the land and the challenge of the cities. We thank you for our work and our rest, for one another and for our homes. We thank you, Lord: accept our thanksgiving on this day. We pray and give thanks through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

Thank you and may God bless you abundantly,

Sr. Myrna Tordillo, mscs
Assistant Director
Secretariat of Cultural Diversity in the Church/Asian and Pacific Island Affairs

Archdiocese of San Francisco's 7th Annual Filipino Ministry Gala & Simbang Gabi Press Release
Find out how the Archdiocese of San Francisco's Filipino Ministry celebrated their annual gala with the theme "Heal the World" by reading the  article and read the press release about the upcoming Simbang Gabi Commissioning Mass.

Cardinal Emeritus Visits Chinese American Catholics  

Read the article by Carolyn Ng of Our Lady of China Pastoral Mission about Joseph Cardinal Zen Ze-kiun SDB's, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, visit to Washington, DC during his visit to the U.S. and Canada. 


Rooted in Tradition: The Chamorro Catholics in the United States (Product Code 7-572) - A new edition to the small book series about a people indigenous to the Mariana Islands in the western Pacific, the Chamorros have a strong Catholic heritage, which they brought with them to the United States.

Resettling in Place: A Vietnamese American Catholic Experience  (Product Code 7-480) - This small book is a snapshot description about a community who rebuilt their faith life by sustaining family values, culture, and Catholic devotional practices.

Harmony in Faith: Korean American Catholics (Product Code 7-479) - This small book on Korean American Catholics connects each believer to their roots in Korea, weaving through thick layers of their history of faith.

Upcoming Events 

Simbang Gabi Mass Schedules - Many archdioceses and dioceses celebrate Simbang Gabi, a Filipino tradition of Novena Masses (nine consecutive days) celebrated in parishes across the country leading up to Christmas. It is "a privileged votive mass, i.e., a mass that does not correspond to the liturgical calendar but has a special intention" said Philippines Church 

historian Fr. Rex Andrew Alarcon. 


Check the News webpage for a periodically updated list of Simbang Gabi Mass schedules from various (arch)dioceses.

The Catholic Social Ministry Gathering (CSMG) 

The Catholic Social Ministry Gathering (CSMG) will be held in Washington, DC on February 3-6, 2018. The theme of the event will be "Building Community: A Call to the Common Good". In conjunction with the CSMG, the Diversity Outreach Initiative (DOI) will take place. The DOI seeks to develop leaders from diverse Catholic communities for ministry in the Church.

Building Intercultural Catholic for Ministers (BICM) at the Mid-Atlantic Congress (MAC) 

February 15-17, 2018 at the Baltimore Hilton Hotel, Baltimore, MD
This annual offering to prepare presenters to conduct USCCB's Building Intercultural Competence for Ministers (BICM) workshops at their dioceses or Catholic organization.  
For more information go here and to register today!!  

Contact Yolanda Taylor-Burwell for more information at  [email protected]

An Asian and Pacific Islander Catholics Gathering at the Mid-Atlantic Congress (MAC)

An Asian and Pacific Islander Catholics Gathering at MAC will be held in Baltimore, MD on February 16-17, 2018. There will be a keynote presentation by Fr. Ricky Manalo and breakout sessions with Fr. Ricky Manalo, Dr. Stephen Cherry, and Dr. Seggy Acosta.