Hawaii GOP Treasurer Warns That Party is Financially Imploding at High Speed; Recommends Emergency Measures OR ELSE

Aloha Republicans:
Please stop what you're doing so you can read every single word of this breaking news story.
BAD NEWS FOR RINO's -- HIRA proves to be 100% right again.  RINO's are hell bent on destroying our party from the inside.
Want even more proof?   How about HIRA's hot-off-the-press exclusive copy of an urgent e-mail dated TODAY which was just sent a short time ago by Miriam Hellreich's panic-stricken puppet party treasurer making emergency financial recommendations to the entire leadership team of the state party?  Will that do as proof?  [You can read the entire explosive e-mail further below.]
In full CYA mode (short for 'cover your ass'), Hellreich's puppet treasurer Smart declares the current money situation to be FUBAR (google this ominous acronym yourself) and warns  that the party is going bankrupt FAST and calls for the immediate firing of the overpriced executive director, full-blown RINO Jack James .  Smart also highly recommends the immediate relocating of the Lincoln Day fundraising dinner (really a Memorial Day) disaster in just three weeks.  Currently set to take place at the massively overpriced Democrat-run Honolulu Convention Center, hardly any tickets have been sold yet .  The party is tens of thousands of dollars in the hole.  It's a 'fundloser', not a fundraiser.  Why are ticket sales so bleak?  Possibly since the last several keynote speakers all turned out to be RINO's who oppose a conservative Republican agenda.  Like Martha McSally who opposes Trump's wall.  What an embarrassment!!  Relocating the event will surely result in a massive date change requiring a new guest speaker.
But here's the more powerful explanation why the Lincoln Day fundraiser is a fund-loser.  After decades of mismanagement by Hellreich and her rotating cast of puppet party officers, there isn't enough money left in the party's bank accounts to cover the tens of thousands of dollars in downpayments and expenses to hold the Lincoln Day fiasco.   Why?  It turns out that Hellreich and Rohlfing and Jack James and their puppet party officers have been so busy wrestling over control of the party that they forget to raise money and sell tickets to this looming disaster of a dinner.
Hellreich's overpriced executive director, full-blown RINO Jack James, has been 100% in charge of this Lincoln Day fundloser.  And less than $15,000 has been raised against expenses double or triple that amount.  [The wildly optimistic sales goal set by Hellreich's puppets is $160,000 -- they haven't even sold 10% of the tickets.]  Jack James employment contract calls for him and HRP to raise $15,000 per month (each and every month, NOT an average) since he got plucked from obscurity and hired by Hellreich's executive committee in 2016.  Now, Hellreich's executive director is tens of thousands of dollars in the hole as the party's budget deficit grows larger.  Yes, Democrats are laughing at us.  ** For more info, see HERE to learn how Hellreich's puppet party officers -- like her secretary Boyd Not-So-Ready (formerly her puppet vice chair for coordinated campaigns designed to make Hawaii even more Democrat) -- look the other way year after year; in this case by refusing to call for the executive director to be fired in light of an iron-clad employment agreement designed to prevent massive financial deficits.
Gosh, that congressman from Utah is going to be embarrassed when he finds out he'll be the keynote speaker to a crowd of 75 people at an IHOP pancake house in Pearl City instead of 1,000 jam packed into the Convention Center.  Team Hellreich and the RINO's who hijacked our party two decades ago have set another man-made disaster in motion which directly helps to keep Democrats in power in Hawaii.
That's right.  Nobody is bothering to raise any money.  RINO party officers led by Hellreich are engaged in a bloody civil war over whether or not to sell the party's costly and underutilized headquarters on Kapiolani.  So instead of selling tickets to the Lincoln Day Dinner or building a sustaining member program, both sides have been busy trying to rig the outcome of the state chair election being held next month.
Hellreich, Saiki and Marumoto are so desperate for control that they are fielding somebody no one ever heard of a year ago - Shirley Ostroff.  And Fritz Rohlfing figures he's toast, so his desperate supporters (particularly fellow church members) have been actively cooking the convention and delegate selection with so much cheating and manipulation documented by HIRA that even Democrats would blush at what they've done to try and push Beth Fukumoto's quiet replacement Andria Tupola over the finish line.
Always remember that Hellreich is the kingmaker who brought us Rohlfing, Saiki before that, Chang before that, Fukumoto before that, and so on.  The rotating cast of puppets changes, but Hellreich's RINO power is absolute . . . just as absolute as the horrifyingly bad mess the party is in today.  You see, the problem with Hellreich using puppets to run her party is that they are in over their heads from Day One until the end of their horrible terms in office.

Hellreich herself has no clue how to lead a movement against Democrats, let alone run a party -- only how to keep control of it.  And her rotating cast of puppets are even less experienced in political campaign and party management.  That's why we're in such big trouble.  That's how Hellreich and her liberal party buddies Saiki and Marumoto find themselves in April 2017 in the crazy situation of trying to elect some compete stranger who barely got 20% of the vote in a poorly run, poorly financed, highly unsuccessful congressional campaign last year, when the party instead needs a leader who can show others how to get at least 51% of the vote.  But in a RINO civil war, you take what you can get.  Miriam Hellreich wants power for herself, nothing more.  So she's quick to blame her dance partners that she brung to the dance.  Still, she IS Fritz Rohlfing.  She IS Beth Fukumoto.  She IS David Chang.  She IS Pat Saiki.  And they are HER.

Now, here's what's wrong with the Lincoln Day Dinner :  By now, everybody knows that every penny of proceeds will be blown on administrative overhead and ZERO funds raised by the party will be used for campaigns or messaging or lobbying or anything else that wins elections and stops bad Democrat legislation.  As much as RINO's and party faithful hate HIRA for daring to tell the truth about the corruption and incompetence at Hellreich's Hawaii GOP, they know we are right:  every penny will get wasted to just pay bills and salaries, plus the permanent $3,000 per month maintenance fee for the Kapiolani HQ, plus travel expenses and accommodations for party officers to attend mainland meetings, and other wasteful spending.

Not a single penny makes it into advertising, messaging, canvassing, candidate support, or anything that donors expect their money to be used for.   What's funny is that Hellreich's puppets get elected by saying 'they'll be different than the last puppets'.  But they won't.  They always disappoint.  Because they all work for Hellreich and her liberal, RINO, closet Democrat vision of a party which does nothing to defeat Democrats or their agenda -- only pulls the wool over the eyes of the desperate and naïve party regulars from Mililani to Kapaa and Hilo to Hanalei.  "I'm going to vote on Kauai for so and so because she will be so different."  Seriously?  C'mon, that's what you told yourself two years ago, and two years before that, and two years before that.
The most easily duped are soon to board planes bound for Kauai, where the state convention was improperly moved in violation of party rules (like so much of the ongoing cheating) in order to suppress participation and force Hellreich to use a charter plane to fly in delegates for her puppet candidate Shirley Ostroff while LDS networks for Rohlfing's heir apparent Andria Tupola.  With Team Rohlfing firmly behind Tupola, she will represent the other side in the RINO civil war -- the forces which favor selling the Kapiolani HQ.  Sure, currently most executive party officers voted to get rid of the costly albatross which sucks up so much money that the mortgage is the least of the annual costs.  They are even willing to sue Ostroff and the Oahu League of RINO Women to get out of the co-ownership deal signed 20 years ago.  But the fight isn't over.
Both sides are saying what desperate, naïve Republicans want to hear:  That we are going to do better.  But behind the scenes, the only thing that matters in this RINO civil war is the Kapiolani HQ.  For Hellreich and her supporters and puppets, keeping this overpriced luxury real estate is more important than ever electing any Republicans.  For Rohlfing and his supporters and puppets, they'd rather not have to keep raising so much money to pay to keep the HQ's doors open.
You reap what you sow You really do.  That's why after controlling the Hawaii GOP for nearly 20 years, incompetent and corrupt RINO Miriam Hellreich has finally done it.  Her puppet treasurer Mary Smart finally sounded the alarms; blowing the whistle and blowing the lid off of years of rampant mismanagement at party HQ which is about to bankrupt the party on the eve of its state convention just four weeks from today and its annual fundraising money-loser in just three weeks.
Finally, the details are even gorier than Mary Smart's e-mail sets forth.  *** Stay tuned for exclusive audio obtained by HIRA from party headquarters.  YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THE MASSIVE CORRUPTION AND INCOMPETENCE AND LAWBREAKING TAKING PLACE.  (Yes, actual lawbreaking by party officers which Mary Smart admits has been taking place for YEARS.)  RINO party officers are yelling at each other while trying to turn their corrupt meetings into a proxy war for control of the Hawaii GOP for the next two years.  No, our party isn't corrupt.  Just 99% of the current leadership.  They need to go.  And their puppet party officer candidates need to go.
Here below is puppet treasurer Mary Smart's actual email sent TODAY to the State Committee of several dozen party officers -- the leader of which (Hellreich) has overseen and personally directed the decline of the Hawaii GOP from more than 20 elected Republicans statewide to just five.

For a disaster warrning, Smart's e-mail today is pretty sugarcoated.  She's panicked and trying to cover her (and Hellreich's) okole during her last month in office as the party goes to hell financially and politically.  It's obvious that she is speaking out now because she knows that history will look even more unfavorably upon her if she stays silent when state investigators find out she stayed silent and smug for two years; covering for her puppetmaster Hellreich.   BUT THE FULL TRUTH IS EVEN WORSE:

Only HIRA can be counted on to give you the truth -- and you'l get more of that full truth this coming Monday.  RINO's really are destroying our party from the inside.  And history shows that their puppets will keep doing that for the next two years, no matter what happens at (or who emerges from) the state convention on Kauai.
Truer than true:   Before we can drain Hawaii's swamp of Democrats, we'll have to drain the entire swamp of Hellreich sychophants, RINO's, incompetents and closet Democrats at the Hawaii GOP first.  Or history will keep repeating itself.


President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)
Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC

P.S.   HIRA received answers to our 19-question survey from Tupola and Ostrov, which are soon-to -be-published in wide distribution.  For now, let's put it this way:  No matter who you think you'll vote for now, you'll be sure to change your mind once you read their answers.
P.P.S.   Tupola made it 100% clear to HIRA this past week that there is absolutely no way she would ever consider being the LG running mate to Bob McDermott, the tax-hiking RINO whom HIRA knows to be a phony conservative and supremely overconfident gubernatorial candidate in 2018.


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