November 2018
Thank You for Supporting the 2018 APOMA Workshop on Laser Tech in Livermore, California!

From Mike Mandina, APOMA President-elect and 2018 Tech Workshop Chair

Thank you to our members who supported this event as speakers and attendees! By all accounts the event was rated successful by those who attended. A total of almost 90 optics professionals participated, representing close to 50 APOMA member organizations. The event was anchored by presentations and a tour of the National Ignition Facility (NIF) from the team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Special recognition and thanks go to Tayyab Suratwala for spearheading LLNL’s engagement with APOMA for the bi-annual workshop.

The Garre Winery was a great setting for the event and proved to be well suited for providing support services that made for a constructive learning and business environment, including a wine and beer social on Thursday evening!

The presentations were primarily applied technology focused. Most talks addressed concerns for optics in laser applications and developments that address those concerns and actual process learning, much of which could be brought back to the shop floor. We were also treated to a brief history of NIF and a tour of the optics fabrication R&D lab, the laser damage repair facility and the laser bay and support areas. We had to clear the laser bay at the end of our tour as the lab was preparing for one of its laser shots, which occur on a very regular basis. The whole experience was very memorable.

This meeting also emphasized the timeliness of industry adoption of the ISO 10110 Standards, and our need to replace the legacy unsupported MIL-standards. All attendees were provided a poster sized "cheat sheet" developed by Dave Aikens, Richie Youngworth and Eric Herman to help accelerate the transformation to the ISO 10110 standards. APOMA is committed to supporting roll-out of the standard as it will help us be more efficient and competitive locally and internationally.

Again, thank you to all who helped to make this event a success with your attendance, presentations and sponsorship. It was a rare opportunity to spend two days in close contact with each other, building the relationships that keep our industry strong.

Our next APOMA General Meeting will be at
Photonics West 2019 in San Francisco, CA:

APOMA General Meeting
Wednesday, 2/6/19, 8:30 – 10:00AM
The Park Central Hotel, Franciscan Room (3 rd floor)

(NOTE-- This is a NEW LOCATION for our meeting!!)

New Pilot Program Through CFIUS Goes Into Effect November 10th

This pilot program specifically focuses on any U.S. business that produces, designs, tests, manufactures, fabricates or develops a critical technology, and "optical instruments and lens manufacturing" is one of the listed industries. It applies to companies that are receiving non-controlling foreign investment and meets some specific criteria listed in the web link below:

Specifically, for companies deemed "critical technology companies" there is now a lower bar for triggering this requirement:

The pilot program applies to non-controlling investments (known as “other investments”) in a Pilot Program U.S. Business that afford a foreign person:
  • Access to any “material nonpublic technical information” in the possession of the target U.S. business;
  • Membership or observer rights on the board of directors or equivalent governing body of the U.S. business, or the right to nominate an individual to a position on the board of directors or equivalent governing body of the U.S. business; or
  • Any involvement, other than through voting of shares, in substantive decision-making of the U.S. business regarding the use, development, acquisition or release of critical technology.

Please contact Jennifer Douris O'Bryan, SPIE Government Affairs, email: