Student Update
May / 2019
Students Are Encouraged to Participate in Our June 11th Webinar on Eviction and Urban Inequality!

Eviction data collected by the Eviction Lab at Princeton University provides a picture of housing instability across the United States, with especially high eviction rates in some urban regions in the south.

In our upcoming webinar, participants will be introduced to ongoing policy-relevant research based in Richmond VA, Lexington KY, and Kansas City, MO. Experts will discuss how evictions, and more broadly, forced moves, are simultaneously a result, cause, and indicator of urban inequality. Evictions have long term negative impacts on education, health, and employment, intersecting with homeless services, school quality, and neighborhood stability. While we know the broad impacts of mobility on families and the neighborhoods, we know little about the location and differences for families of evictions. Formal eviction data highlight concentrations of formal eviction, but these data are insufficient to understand the contours of formal eviction, much less the less informal forced moves undertaken by low-income households. This current research is focused on explaining why and how evictions are so concentrated in Virginia’s urban regions and how to address housing instability.

Students, please m ark your calendars for 2 PM EDT on Tuesday, June 11th to attend this webinar live! You can register for the webinar here.
Excited about future APPAM events like the webinar, and can't wait until November for APPAM content? Check out the recordings from the May 1st Abt Forum. In addition to the full video from the forum, we have slides and videos from panels on the forum's website too!
Sponsored Words from AmeriSpeak:
The Undercounted: How Nonrespondents are Skewing Your Research Results

Some segments of society — conservatives, youth, and rural and low-income households — are harder to reach and are routinely undercounted in research.

In this free download, read about five cases in which AmeriSpeak’s persistent outreach to initial nonrespondents enhanced the final data and delivered more inclusive results. Of particular importance to political and social scientists is how AmeriSpeak’s approach increased representation of moderate-to-conservative opinions. You’ll see the “before” and “after” numbers. 
JPAM Closer Look Author Interview:
Anca Grecu, Dhaval Dave and Henry Saffer on Mandatory Access Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs and Prescription Drug Abuse

A new study reports robust evidence that mandatory access provisions, which require providers to query the PDMP prior to prescribing controlled drugs and have raised PDMP utilization rates, have significantly reduced Rx drug abuse. In this second installment of the new JPAM Closer Look Author Interview series, Michelle Slattery interviews the authors on their inspiration for the research, the challenges they encountered in conducting it, and more.

Visit to read the full interview.

The JPAM article that inspired the interview can be found here .
Inspirational Voices:
APPAM President-Elect Maria Cancian on Diversity at #2019APPAM

In anticipation of the 2019 Fall Research Conference in Denver, Colorado, APPAM interviewed President-Elect Maria Cancian on the role that diversity, in its many forms, plays in research and will play at the conference. Dean Cancian details the origins of the conference's 'engaging diverse perspectives' theme, the unique definition of diversity at #2019APPAM, how and why her understanding of diversity has changed in the last year, and her vision for the conference's impact on the research community.

Visit to read our complete interview with Maria Cancian, who is Dean of Georgetown's McCourt School.
Award and Fellowship Opportunities:
Apply for the Equity and Inclusion Fellowship and PhD Dissertation Award

Two weeks remain to apply! As mentioned in our Wednesday e-mail blast, the Equity and Inclusion Fellowship supports the travel and participation of 40 students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds at the Fall Research Conference. Apply for the Equity and Inclusion Fellowship by May 31, 2019.

The PhD Dissertation Award for a recent dissertation in public policy and management is also open to nominations. Nominations must come from APPAM Institutional Members and must be received for the PhD Dissertation Award by July 12, 2019.
Student Members in the News
Sade Bonilla, a doctoral student at Stanford University, recently released a study supporting career pathways programs, which combine a technical education with college-prep coursework while linking students with local employers for real-world experience. 

Education researchers at Vanderbilt’s Peabody College of Education and Human Development, including postdoctoral student Jennifer Darling-Aduana, presented their work and received honors of distinction at the American Educational Research Association ’s annual meeting in Toronto April 5–9.

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Upcoming Deadlines and Events:
Mark Your Calendars for These Important Dates
June 11, 2019: Eviction and Urban Inequality webinar at 2 PM EDT
July 12, 2019: PhD Dissertation and Spencer Foundation nominations are due
July 31, 2019: Communities proposals for the 2019 Fall Research Conference and future International Conference host proposals are due

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