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Health eMatters Conference
Oct 28 - 30, 2021 in Toronto, ON
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Applications close July 30th, 2021
The first of its kind in Canada, Health eMatters is a ground-breaking program and conference for online Canadian cancer advocates to share, learn, be inspired, and sharpen their skill sets to become better at raising awareness on the issues that matter most to them. Brought to you by Myeloma Canada, the Health eMatters Conference is designed specifically to help myeloma and other online cancer advocates hone their skills, master new tools, network, and increase their impact in Canada.
Join us October 28-30, 2021
for 3 days of unprecedented learning and sharing
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Meet 2 of our Health eMatters guest speakers...
Last month, we introduced you 2 of our speakers and panelists, both of whom are also cancer survivors: Robert Hawke, comedian and author, and Lisa Machado, journalist and author. Now it's time to meet 2 more!
Sheila McGlown
Proud 25-year veteran, cancer advocate and 11-year metastatic breast cancer survivor, motivational speaker, and podcaster
Join us for Sheila's talk:
Racial disparities in cancer:
why advocacy is needed
About Sheila:
Sheila Marie McGlown uses her voice to raise awareness about the racial disparities faced by Black women throughout their breast cancer journey, advocate for clinical trials and much more. In December 2009, Sheila was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer that had already metastasized to her liver and ribs. She was 43 years old. 

Sheila seeks to engage with all players in the breast cancer community, including researchers, medical professionals and congressional leaders on how we can improve clinical trial participation amongst Black Americans.

Among Sheila's countless advocacy activities: volunteering for many Living Beyond Breast Cancer initiatives, reviewing grant proposals for the DOD Breast Cancer Research Program and METAvivor, and being a new board member for Breast Cancer Recovery. She is a co-host of Our MBC Life podcast and a committee member of The Right Dose Initiative. Sheila has been featured in the Pfizer documentary, A Story Half Told, and in the 2018 Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine

Follow Sheila:
>Web: >Twitter: @SWAGGSHEILA
>Facebook: Gracies.Angel
Mike Lang
Young adult cancer advocate, documentary filmmaker, digital storytelling specialist, and health researcher
Don't miss Mike's talk:
Emerging Horizons: Crafting Meaning and Cultivating Understanding through Digital Storytelling
About Mike:
Mike Lang is a health narrative specialist, researcher, filmmaker, and PhD candidate at the University of Calgary. He is also a young adult cancer survivor.
Mike has directed and produced 4 feature-length documentaries and 2 web series, all focused on different aspects of health and wellness, in addition to publishing academic research articles and facilitating the creation of over 800 digital stories with a diverse cross-section of patients and families in the past 11 years. 
The stories Mike has helped patients and their supporters create have been used across Canada and North America to stimulate important conversations about what it means to live well with, through, and beyond, illness or injury.
Follow Mike:
>Twitter: @mikelangstories
>Facebook: mikelangstories
>Instagram: @mikelangstories
> LinkedIn: mikelangstories
Join Sheila, Mike and other online cancer advocates...
Applications close July 30th, 2021
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If you're a cancer advocate using online platforms to elevate your voice, then this event is for you! Don't miss your chance to get involved and be part of an inspiring network of powerful multimedia advocates.
Join us for 3 days of skill-building, creative idea-sharing and connecting with:
  • hands-on workshops
  • breakout sessions
  • panel discussions
  • inspiring keynote speakers
  • unique opportunities to network with other online oncology advocates
  • dinner reception, entertainment and more
October 28 - 30, 2021
Toronto, ON
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Health eMatters is proudly brought to you by Myeloma Canada
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Please Note: If we are unable to meet in person due to public health restrictions, an alternate date of February 24-26, 2022 has been reserved.
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