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Shagufta Naqvi, MD - Editor
Chair Publication's Message

I am honored to be the chair of the Publication Committee for APPNA this year. I will try my absolute best to provide material of the upmost quality. For every quarter, there will be a corresponding newsletter along with magazines which will be published throughout the year. News about the families of APPNA will be included in the publications which will serve not only to highlight the achievements of the APPNA members, but of their children as well. Along with news of the strides made by our doctors in America, the newsletters will simultaneously touch on the medical hardships in Pakistan due to their lack of proper resources and funding.
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Shagufta Naqvi,MD
President's Message

I am thankful to all members of APPNA as we embark in 2019. This year will be full of positive energy, excellence, new initiatives and growth for our organization! Our success will be based on your teamwork, unity, partnerships and creativity. 
APPNA Institute of Innovation and Research. As a team, our main goal is to build institutions; we will be launching a project to build an APPNA Institute of Innovation and Research (AIIR). With this initiative, AIIR, will provide more philanthropy activities and promote knowledge to benefit humanity. Innovation and research are central pillars of our religion and AIIR will promote advancement in education, research and a long-term solution with critical thinking. Strengthening the infrastructure of APPNA will position us for more participation and growth. Understanding and acknowledging the skills and contributions of all members will bring out innovation among our membership. There are numerous successful projects occurring, such as; APPNACME, Young Physician [projects, APPNA Clothing Drive, and APPNA Cornea Transplant Program. To improve effectiveness and efficiencies, we will reduce the number of committees and work within a framework.
Develop advocacy in the healthcare system and be an active voice in medical education. Medical education is a high priority that not only includes general CME, but also workshops on a variety of topics. We will review the need for streamlining medical education and establishing standards. Additionally, APPNA's goal is to help and assist in Pakistan's healthcare and medical education and strive to have merit in each and every field especially in the admission policy of state-run medical colleges. 
We must build and mentor a solid future leadership, recruit new members, be open to all minorities and women issues, and make it simple for young physicians and medical students to join APPNA.
Let's stay positive.
Naseem Shekhani, M.D. 
President: Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America, 2019  
Naseem A.  Shekhani , MD
2821 North Ballas Rd, # C-64.
St. Louis, MO 63131
Ph 314-733-5140
APPNA Strategy Meeting 2019
January 25-27, 2019    Chicago, Illinois

I want to express my sincere appreciation to those who have traveled from all across the USA to attend the Strategic Meeting in spite of the recent severe weather conditions.

The meeting was held at the Double Tree Hilton Oakbrook, IL from January 25th until the 27th.
This meeting was a huge success and had more attendees than any other past meeting. The number of rooms sold was more than double our previous numbers.

The Host Committee worked hard for 2-3 months to hold a memorable meeting that would be enjoyed by all guests.

We held the first ever women empowerment session, another major achievement. Dr. Naheed Usmani, Dr. Lubna Naeem, Dr. Humera Qamar, Dr. Atiya Khan, Dr. Rabia Awan and Dr. Amera Rahman were the key members in planning and conducting this session. The president also gave a brief speech.

Friday night's banquet was a colorful event with the theme of "Awadh Night." People were dressed in Nawabi attire. Music was provided by Kamran Hassan, son of Mehdi Hassan, who entertained people with beautiful Ghazals and songs.

Local Chapter of APPNA IL, named PPS, IL held their general body meeting on Friday--prior to music and dinner....  READ MORE

Arsal Gardezi

Arsal Gardezi is a ten-years old chess competitor with a passion for basketball , spelling and books. His father, Dr. Syed Gardezi ( life time member of APPNA), introduced him to chess at a young age, but wasn't prepared for the impact it would have on his son.He was awarded top ten at the US Chess National competition in 2018. Texas state champion 2016, 2017 , stand as no 1 for his age in Texas,

School spelling B champion 2016 and 2018.

Namrah Ajmal

ACT: 36/36
SAT: 1600/1600
PSAT: 1520/1520
SAT II Math level 2: 800/800
Prestigous Awards
National Merit Finalist
Nominated for Presidential scholar award from Washington D.C.

Jafar Sadiq Ahmed

Jafar Sadiq Ahmed,son of Dr Naeem Ahmed received board of education award for his extraordinary volunteer services for community.

APPNA STC Cricket Tournament

Last year Dr. S. Ali Gardezi current BOT APPNA helped organize 2 STC APPNA cricket tournaments. First one was organized in Pearland, Texas on May 2018. There were 4 teams that participated in this tournament. The next tournament was organized in October 2018 at Prairieview, Texas . This time because of the increasing enthusiasm of Physicians total 6 teams participated from Houston and surrounding areas. All these tournaments were organized without incurring any cost to APPNA - STC. 

Physicians were provided with breakfast and lunch during both tournaments.

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