PARCS UPDATE #145 - April 8, 2021
How municipalities can be prepared for requests for new developments
The past few weeks have been eventful for the folks at the south-east end of Last Mountain Lake
In mid-February of this year, PARCS heard from a cottage owner at the RV of Pelican Pointe, describing his concern about a development that was being proposed, to be located between that RV and 4 other communities in the area.

The development proposal called for a "glamping" campground with a potential population larger than the total population of all the neighbouring communities together.

The caller spoke of his concern regarding the added congestion, the effect on water and road safety, and the environment, pointing out that the south-east lakeshore was already struggling with a dense population (whereas the lakeshore in the north-east was very open).

On. Feb. 23, PARCS received another letter telling us that the RM had denied the developer's discretionary use aplication (under the RM's Zoning Bylaw).
We received a copy of their on-line petition put out by the Last Mountain Neighbours: Across the Fence for Common Sense.

The petition opposed the development, voicing the following concerns:
  • The increase in the infrastructure load,
  • The security and policing concerns,
  • The safety and fire-hazard concerns,
  • The environmental unheaval to the wetlands and native prairie grasslands,
  • The destruction of the habitat of native flora and fauna,
  • The negative impact to the riparian shoreline, and
  • The threat to the 'living heritage' of the land.

Since then, PARCS has learned that the developer made a 2nd application to the RM, and it was again denied - resulting in a 6-month postponement before the developer (or any other developer, for that matter, can return to make further demands on this lakeshore property.

PARCS was interested to hear that the RM has been holding a series of meetings to review their Strategic Plan, so that Council will have a clear vision about this land area, should the RM be approached regarding future use of these common lands.
TThe main advantage of making decisions about community development as part of their STRATEGIC PLAN or as part of the ZONING BYLAW that accompanies their Official Comunity Plan is that the decisions are made in a neutral setting and without the pressure of developers or lobby groups.
Please watch for the agenda for our SPRING SEMINAR to be released in mid-April. Session #4 by Joe Jozsa is about using your Official Communty Plan and ZONING BYLAW to make decisions about your environment!
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