Conflict Resolution Clinics @ CB
Ecotones: A New Conception of Borderlands
With Dr. Jennifer J. Wilhoit
April 27, Thursday | 5:30-7:30pm PST
CB Members: $25 / Public: $45
Live Interactive Workshop on Zoom
As areas of confluence in the natural world, “ecotones” are especially rich in biodiversity. Viewing ecotones as a concept, we can begin to apply their value in human contexts – in particular, life transitions or crisis moments such as seemingly-impassable conflict.

Dr. Wilhoit’s interactive presentation will offer conflict resolution and other professionals:
  • A definition of ecotones and examples of their value in natural settings
  • A means for “translating” the language of ecology into useful concepts in our work
  • A vision for how ecotones, as borderlands, apply to our mediation, peacemaking, and healing efforts

Through guided activities, reflection, breakout groups, brief case study samples, large-group discussion, and more, attendees will have opportunities to see the specific ways in which a new vision of borderlands can invigorate and expand their work.

Participants should bring the following items with them to this session: paper/journal, pens, and at least one meaningful nature object.

In addition, training participants will gain the ability to:
  • Define, identify, and describe characteristics of (ecological) ecotones.
  • List at least two connections between ecotones and human conflict.
  • Apply the concept of ecotones to major life transitions in personally significant ways.
  • List at least four ways that creative, nature-based practices can be used to nourish their professional work.
Dr. Jennifer J. Wilhoit
Dr. Jennifer J. Wilhoit is a spiritual ecologist, author, and researcher who holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies, an M.A. in Adult Education, and who trained as a mediator with Community Boards of San Francisco. For twenty-five years, Jennifer’s research and writing has focused on the inner/outer landscape: the interconnection between creativity and the natural world.

Dr. Wilhoit has been helping people navigate conflict and transition in myriad contexts including within special needs communities, hospice settings, crisis centers, ecological settings, intercultural contexts, restorative justice venues, interfaith groups, and wilderness rites of passage circles.

Dr. Wilhoit is the founder of TEALarbor stories, through which she offers nature-based mentorship to aspiring creatives and people in impasse. She continuously presents her work internationally, nationally, and regionally, including at: the Parliament of the World’s Religions, Judicial Council of California’s Biennial CAFFE Conference, Mediate B.C., the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia, Bar Association of San Francisco, the Northwest Dispute Resolution Annual Conference, Kitsap County Conference for Human Rights, Northwest Collaborative Futures Conference, Society for Human Ecology, WA State Dept. of Social and Health Services, and more. Jennifer is a longtime hospice volunteer, thrives on being in nature, creates visual art and photography, and has traveled extensively. She resides on an island in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

You can visit her website at:
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