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We had a FANTASTIC week of activities
during this year's National Surveyors Week

A BIG Thank you to our fantastic Sponsors for your contributions, our members for volunteering, and our families who also participated. We are looking forward to what 2020 may bring!
Raising the Standards in the Geospatial Industry Globally
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To raise the standards within the Geospatial Industry Globally by giving surveyors through to manufacturers a dedicated resource for business, sales, marketing and strategic communications…and to encourage and excite the next generation of surveyors.
My View:
Opportunities bountiful in surveying
By Nick Grindey

Have you ever happened upon a person in a safety vest looking through an instrument on a tripod and wonder what he or she is doing?
I was a business student at Highland Community College 19 years ago when I had that question as I drove past a crew working at the high school in Warren. I stopped, turned the car around and parked near the crew. I asked the crew chief what he was doing, and he told me all about surveying. That day changed my life.

He gave me a number for a Fehr Graham owner. When I called him, I asked about an internship so I could see if surveying was for me. The rest, I suppose, is history. I enjoyed my internship so much I changed schools and my major. I interned while I got my associate degree at Morrison Institute of Technology and my bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale because my goal was to become a licensed land surveyor.

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The Bois d’Arc Post
I’m Not a Surveyor, but…
By Bill Swope, CP

W ith the recent Sunset Advisory Committee recommendations and the legislation that is now moving through system I’ve been asked a lot lately about my opinion on the matter by a number of folks. Primarily, I think, due to my involvement with others in the North Texas land surveying community and our efforts to save an independent land surveying board but also, I’ve been told, because I’m not a surveyor and may offer a different perspective.

I’ve been involved in photogrammetry since approximately 2007 and because of that, and the lack of regional or state run photogrammetric organizations, I have also been involved with several state land surveying associations. I’ve been a member of the Arizona Professional Land Surveyors (APLS), the California Land Surveyors Association (CLSA), the United Surveyors of Arizona (USofAZ), and now the Texas Society of Professional Land Surveyors (TSPS). That is a lot of acronyms, and I’ve been privileged to see, and learn a lot along the way. 

Dedicated to preserving the memories of those who served our community
August 2017 - Greg Dolphin
November 2017 - Scott Koehler, AZ RLS 45275
November 2017 - Paul Sowers, AZ RLS 19854
November 2017 - William George Kerkering, Rodman
December 2017 - Eugene O'Brien, AZ RLS 33865
April 2018 - Earl Watts, AZ RLS 27253
May 2018 - James (Jim) Muth, AZ RLS 13014
July 2018 - Thomas Christopher, AZ RLS 24514
July 2018 - Martin Vasquez, Survey Crew Chief
February 2019 - Jason McCafferty, Survey Crew Chief
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