Comprehensive Therapy Services will be hosting the support group Bloomin' Uterus in the clinic April 20th to discuss how pelvic floor physical therapy can benefit those with Endometriosis. Kira Shurtz of Comprehensive Therapy Services, Inc. will explain how physical therapists address myofascial restrictions, trigger point within the muscles, and the benefits of visceral manipulation. She will also discuss dietary changes, stress management, stretching, home exercise, lifestyle changes. There will be a Q&A session at the end of the presentation, as well as a tour of the clinic.

If you wish to join us, please RSVP by sending an email to Lisa Drayton at or RSVPing on our Facebook page. The event takes place Wednesday, April 20th, 2016, at 7pm at Comprehensive Therapy Services, Inc., located at 5677 Oberlin Drive, Suite 106; San Diego, CA 92121. Parking and attendance are free. It is expected that it will run about an hour long.

If I ask you to think of something that is "plastic," you may likely think of a hard, stiff object, like a plastic lunch container or a garbage can. At first thought, "plastic" seems to describe something that is hard and unbendable; but on second thought, we know that some types of plastic are soft and bendable. One definition of "plastic" is actually "capable of being molded or modeled" or "capable of adapting to varying conditions."

The concept of "neuroplasticity" incorporates this second definition, and means that the brain (and nervous system) is capable of change and adaptation. This is a relatively new concept, because for most of the past two centuries, the medical world viewed the brain as a machine. Each part had a different, unique function, and if one part broke down, it was unfixable, and the "machine" just wouldn't work correctly any more. The new model of neuroplasticity rejects this idea, and views the brain as a dynamic, adaptable system of parts, and if one part breaks down, other parts can learn to take over the function of the broken part. Since the brain is the master control system of the body, the idea of neuroplasticity means that we can potentially change anything that the brain controls: how we think, how we breathe, how we move, how we feel, how we perceive internal and external sensations, and on and on. The basic concept of neuroplasticity is that "neurons that fire together wire together." This means that we can create new neural connections and neural circuits in our brains by consciously using two or more parts of our brains at the same time.

I have been thinking a lot about neuroplasticity recently due to reading two books by Dr. Norman Doidge, "The Brain's Way of Healing" (2015) and "The Brain That Changes Itself" (2007). Dr. Doidge discusses the basic concepts of neuroplasticity, and also gives really fascinating examples of scientists who are using neuroplastic therapies to help patients heal, and of patients who are using neuroplastic concepts to heal themselves. He writes about the four stages of neuroplastic healing or change. The first is neurostimulation, which can be done with light, sound, electricity, vibration, movement, or thought. He writes, "Neurostimulation is effective in preparing the brain to build new circuits and in overcoming learned nonuse in existing circuits." The second is neuromodulation, which resets the brain's overall level of arousal and restores the proper balance between excitatory circuits and inhibitory circuits. This phase involves quieting the sympathetic nervous system (the fight-or-flight system) and activating the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest-digest-repair system). The third is neurorelaxation, which allows the brain to accumulate and store energy. The fourth is neurodifferentiation and learning, which is the phase in which the brain does "what is does best: making fine distinctions, or 'differentiating,'" which it how it learns to function in a new or a better way.

I was really struck by the examples that Dr. Doidge presents in his books, of patients with chronic pain, debilitating strokes, long-standing brain injuries, autism spectrum disorders, learning disorders, ADD, MS, Parkinson's disease, and cerebral palsy, either completely healing or vastly improving their function. Reading more about neuroplasticity has reminded me and expanded my vision of the potential of all patients and people to improve their mental and physical function. With approaches that work in harmony with the neuroplasticity of the nervous system, great advances in health and healing are possible. (And I highly recommend both of these books to everyone who wants to learn more about their brain!)
Katherine Dahl,

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Lyme's Disease are common diagnoses that we treat at CTS. Muscle fatigue after mild activity, tender points, back or neck pain, joint pain, sore throat, swollen nodes, sleep disturbance, headaches, cognitive dysfunction, depression and irritable bowel or bladder are many of the symptoms of these diseases. I am happy to share a new method of treating these disorders.

People with these symptoms are suffering and usually feel like they have already tried everything. They have taken many prescription drugs that offer little relief while addiction looms in the back of their minds. They have endured test after test, with little to no answers. If they can afford it, most will even step outside of the western medical system and try alternative treatments. Their personal relationships suffer as a result of their pain, and their lives after years of chronic pain and fatigue are unrecognizable. They are desperate to feel better and yearn for the life they once had.

I recently took a continuing education class developed and taught by Dr. Bruno Chikly. He is well known throughout Europe for his expertise and development of his Lymphatic Drainage Curriculum, and in most recent years for his Brain Curriculum. His newest class is called " LDT for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MS, and Chronic Neuroinflammations." His approach uses a combination of Lymph Drainage Techniques, Brain Techniques, Visceral Manipulation and Cranial techniques to treat patients with these disorders. Dr. Chikly has found that treating six physical areas has provided consistent results with these patients. His treatment protocol involves releasing the ligaments around the heart, releasing the tail of the pancreas, upper left quadrant lymphatics release, cranial membranes release, cerebellum and brainstem release, sacral release, and releasing of the emotional fear and terror through connection with the limbic system of the brain.

Dr. Chikly has seen unbelievable improvement in just 2-3 visits. I have been trained in Dr. Chikly's protocol, and I am very excited to see these improvements in the patients that I treat as well. At this time, I am the only therapist in San Diego trained in this protocol. So, if you would like to come in and give it a try, just let the front desk know that you are coming in for this specific type of treatment.

Thank you so much.
Happy Healing
Kim Zevin,

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