I continue to get new pieces and wouldn't it feel great to welcome warmer weather and fewer COVID cases with a new pair of earrings, a necklace or a scarf? Take a look and let me know if something "talks to you" or you want to put something away for Mother's Day, birthday, graduation or anything or anyone else special.
Silver with Amethyst Stone $34
silver and gold circles @ $33
Silver and Gold Circles $33
Hammered Gold on Leather Necklace $28
Tri-color Flowers & Earrings $34 for both
Long Silver Necklace with Intertwining Hearts $32
Long Silver Necklace with Silver Tassel $32
Gold and Silver Triangular Earrings $20
Double Gold Hoops $26

Are you ready to refresh and renew so you can look and feel amazing? Not only are the days warming up, but many of us are coming out of two years in sweats.

Stores are now open and are being careful with their hygiene. I have already had both vaccine shots and two booster shots. If you have done any personal shopping with me in the past and would like to do so again, you will receive a 10% discount during the months of APRIL and MAY. That goes for virtual as well as in person shopping.

Silhouette Analysis Usually $170 on sale for $150.
Using detailed measurements and a special computer program, I will compile a 50-page manual customized for you detailing the styles of necklines, jackets, dresses, slacks and other attire that best suit your individual proportions. The manual includes practical tips to help conceal figure flaws and guidelines to help you make better wardrobe choices. (This can be done virtually)

Face Shape Analysis Usually $70 on sale for $50.
Understanding the shape of your face can have a powerful impact on the choices you make. Once you know your face shape you will know which hairstyles are most flattering, what eyeglass frames work best and what shape earrings, collars, scarves, lapels and necklines are most becoming. (This can be done virtually.)


As your personal consultant, I am always pleased to take your orders directly by phone ( 202 338 8781) or by email (glassman.lynne@gmail.com) When you order this way, I can answer your questions and advise you on best options. I keep most products in stock and can mail them right out, adding only postage costs. You can mail me a check or pay by Venmo once you receive your products.

If you prefer to order on line, it is easy at http://www.colormebeautiful.com?ref=lynneglassman. This link will insure your orders get credited to me. Click the head-and-shoulders icon at the top to register with an account so you can stay up-to-date on the best prices available and you will continue to be connected to me each time you order.

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