August-Sept 2020, Vol. 11, Issue 2
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Dr. Marwah Summer 2020 Guest Editor

Gurjot Marwah, MD
Newsletter Guest Editor

Past President, 
Arizona Psychiatric Society
Founder Healing Minds, LLC
Private Practice Psychiatrist

Dear Colleagues:
Our connection to one another in psychiatry, as a peer, as an advocate, as an educator, as a leader, and as a mentor, has come to mean even more to our profession  during the response to COVID-19, which has extended from days to weeks to months, and now seasons.  The Society is honored to celebrate in this Newsletter - all the graduates from our Arizona residency and fellowship programs in psychiatry. Each and every one of these graduates has worked diligently to adapt to evolving educational formats and scheduling, and to respond to the increasing needs of patients, with a dedication to the profession of psychiatry that deserves all the fanfare of graduations past and more.  Please take note of the names of each of these graduates and welcome each as fellow psychiatrists in our community. 
One of the outreaches of the Society that I have participated in over the years and personally enjoyed the most has been visiting the residents in person in their training program and speaking with them about what I value most about being a member of the Arizona Psychiatric Society (see photo from 2019 residency visit to Valleywise below).  On the very top of my list is seeking out, and finding meaning and value in connecting with my peers, participating in advocacy and leadership of the Society.  By doing so, we protect our profession, and promote the highest principles of the same.  We also prevent professional burn-out. As a psychiatrist in private practice, it is easy to feel that you are practicing within a silo; I was inspired to seek that professional connection from membership in the Society, and that has made all the difference. 
Dr. Martin Kassell and Dr. Gurjot Marwah 2018
A welcome outcome of my years of membership in the Society was the mentoring, and friendship of Dr. Martin Kassell, who passed away this summer of natural causes at the age of 102.  Trained by a pupil of Freud in the 1940s, and long retired himself from active practice, Dr Kassell was a constant fixture at the monthly Executive Council meeting of Arizona Psychiatric Society, volunteering time towards advocacy, up until earlier this year when the COVID-19 Pandemic grounded us all. Dr Kassell listened attentively and spoke carefully. He had a trove chest full of interesting anecdotes of psychotherapy stories to share always. Dr. Kassell showed by example, until the very end of his long and illustrious life and career, the importance of always staying connected with and mentoring fellow psychiatrists. The meshed iron door to his Arcadia home was always open to all willing to be mentored, where his black rescue dog Jake nestled protectively by his feet, as Dr. Kassell, physically frail at times but always mentally sharp, sitting in his brown leather lazy boy, recounted slowly but assuredly his zillions of stories with patients, and all the subtle nuances of his discourse with his patients, whether it be as a Medical Director at the Jefferson Jail or State Hospital or sometimes recounting a real life encounter with a patient in private practice, they were for me, pure and simple, invaluable pearls of psychotherapy. In reflecting on a recent visit with Dr. Kassell, Dr. Jack Potts shared "We talked of his legacy and the gift of teaching and mentoring that he had given to many generations. I think he is quite likely most proud of having been involved in the professional development of behavioral health technicians, nurses, social workers, counselors, psychologists, and physicians. Reaffirming his impact on patients and peers gave him He knew he was loved and would be remembered." 
As our traditional opportunities to engage in person are suspended during this pandemic, I have been thankful to be able to call or text a peer, have a curbside consultation, or connect for a general well-being check, to break the cycle of isolation.  As we advise the same for our patients, I hope that we all are able to find time to make those connections ourselves or to be that connection for a peer. 
Coming full circle, great congratulations to our graduating residents and fellows and welcome to the practice of psychiatry!  May you find fulfillment, connection, and a legacy of making a difference to your patients and peers in your career years ahead. Remember that learning in psychiatry is a lifelong  possibility beyond residency and fellowship. Your membership with the society is an avenue to journey on, towards that goal.  I hope to see you all (in a virtual way) at our Annual Meeting, and in the meantime, if you are interested in being a mentor, or would like to be connected with a mentor, please reach out to me or to Teri. 
Stay well and stay connected,

Gurjot Marwah, MD

Don J. Fowls, MD
Arizona Psychiatric Society President
Don J. Fowls, MD, President, Arizona Psychiatric Society, Invites You to the 2020 Annual Meeting

(From Video):  Good afternoon, this is Don Fowls, President of the Arizona Psychiatric Society, and I hope you and your families are safe and well during the pandemic and also staying cool during our summer heat here. I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to our Annual Meeting for the Arizona Psychiatric Society, which will take place virtually on October 3rd [education session]. It is definitely a new format, but we've learned a lot from some other organizations on how to make this fun and engaging and worth your time. We have a stellar cast of speakers that includes [Dr.] Joe Parks from the National Council of Behavioral Health in DC, [Dr.] Lloyd Sederer, formerly of New York State as the Chief Medical Officer of Behavioral Health and a prolific writer, [Dr.] Shawn Sidhu from UCSD, and [Dr.] Rahn Bailey from Charles Drew School of Medicine in Los Angeles. We have some key updates on parity. We had a lot of success over the past year in getting a bill passed in the legislature, but there is more work that needs to be done there. And we've also undertaken a strategic planning process to help position the Psychiatric Society to become even stronger and thrive in the future. This is a very important meeting; we really do hope you can attend. There are a number of issues that are facing us as psychiatrists, we certainly mentioned parity, there is always the psychologists who want to prescribe and many others, and we are all working hard to address these and figure out the best ways to proactively respond. But we really need your input, your support, your good ideas, and thoughts, and really do hope you can attend October 3rd. We hope to see you there, and in the meantime, please do stay safe, healthy, and by all means, cool as well. Thanks a lot.
FOR MORE INFORMATION regarding the Schedule, Program, Agenda, Faculty, and our Exhibitors supporting the 2020 Annual Meeting, CLICK HERE.  

Premium Corporate Sponsor 2020-2021

Join us in congratulating the 2020 graduates of our Arizona psychiatric residency and psychiatric fellowship programs and in welcoming them to the practice of psychiatry!

Congratulations to University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix 2020 Psychiatric Residency Graduates!    
Rebecca Fega, MD, Phd
Aaron Kramer, DO
Sondra Schultz, MD
Michael Stoddard, MD
Chad Van Pelt, MD

Congratulations to University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix 2020 Psychiatric Residency Graduates Continuing On to Fellowships!     
Stefanie Brichta, MD: C/A Fellowship
at Creighton University Arizona Health Education Alliance at Valleywise -
November 2020
Brook Mehregany, MD: C/A Fellowship
at Creighton University Arizona Health Education Alliance at Valleywise -
July 2020

UACOM Tucson 2019

Congratulations to University of Arizona, Tucson 2020 Psychiatric Residency Graduates!      
Brian Bayze, MD
Michael J. Broukhim, DO
Matthew S. Dinovitz, MD
Thomas Emel, DO
Sadia Ghani, MD
Philip Lam, DO
Vivian Le, DO
Alison Moritz, MD
Sandhya Talluri Masih, DO
Terry NathanielPlatto, MD
Sneha Venkatraman, MD
Morgan R. Zingsheim, DO
Congratulations to University of Arizona, Tucson 2020 Psychiatric Residency Graduates Continuing On to Fellowships!                   

Jonathan Ross Lavi, MD: C/A Psychiatry (California)

JenniferTran, DO: C/A Psychiatry, University of Arizona, Tucson

Michelle O'Brien, DO: Addiction Medicine,
University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson

Prabhjyot Singh, MBBS: Neurology (Massachusetts)

Congratulations to University of Arizona, Tucson 2020 Fellowship Program Graduates!       
Jessie Rice, MD: Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship
Matthew Erisman, MD: Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship
Jasmine Singh, MD: Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship
Edward Ramsey, MD: Addiction Medicine Fellowship

Congratulations to Creighton University School of Medicine Valleywise Health Center 2020 Graduates!                                            

Jacob DeMenna, MD
Christie Kesserwani, DO
Michelle Sipe, MD

Congratulations to Creighton University Arizona Health Education Alliance at Valleywise Graduate Continuing On to Fellowships!   
Katrina Lepthien, DO: C/A Fellowship
at Creighton University Arizona Health Education Alliance at Valleywise - July 2020

Meera Mehta, MD: Adding Fellowship in Integrative Psychiatry
at University of College of Medicine, Tucson
Congratulations to Creighton University Arizona Health Education Alliance at Valleywise Child/Adolescent Psychiatry 2020 Fellowship Program Graduates!  
Aaron Dahl. MD
Nicole Masnada, DO
Marie Roy-Babbitt, MD
Premium Corporate Sponsor 2020-2021
Stephen Larry Mecham, DO; Nathan Jones, MD; and Nicholas Ahrendt, MD

Each year, the Arizona Psychiatric Society invites our Arizona psychiatric residency training programs to recognize a Resident-Fellow member who best exemplifies one or more of the APS values of providing compassionate patient care and support of peers, leadership, community service, advocacy, and clinical excellence.  Each of the recipients chosen has made significant contributions to leadership, and we look forward to the positive contributions they will continue to make to psychiatry.  We asked each of the 2020 Outstanding Resident Recognition Award recipients to share some thoughts on their membership in the Arizona Psychiatric Society:  

Sierra Tucson Hiring FT Inpatient Psychiatrists and Medical Director

A world-class organization awaits you. Join us in setting the standard of excellence in treatment of addiction and mental health disorders. Psychiatrists at Sierra Tucson are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions through a combination of psychiatric evaluation, psychotherapy, medication management, neuro-modulation, program innovation and interdisciplinary care co-ordination.
  • Doctorate of Medicine or Osteopathy
  • Board Certified/Eligible in Psychiatry
  • Three or more years post graduate degree practice experience (preferred)
  • Current unrestricted license to practice medicine in Arizona
  • Current unrestricted DEA credentials (X waiver preferred)
  • Prior leadership roles/experience (for Medical Director position)
CLICK HERE for more information about this opportunity.  If you are interested in working in a premier facility with excellent compensation and benefits, we would love to speak with you about this exceptional opportunity! For more information, please visit us or e-mail us.  
Opportunities at Banner Health

Tucson, AZ
● Geriatric Psychiatrist - Dementia Specialist at the Banner Alzheimer's Institute in Tucson, AZ
● Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Banner University Medical Group in Tucson, AZ
● Forensic Psychiatry Director at Banner University Medical Group in Tucson, AZ

Phoenix, AZ
 Geriatric IP Psychiatrist at Banner Del Webb Medical Center in Sun City West, AZ
● Adult and/Child IP Psychiatrist at Banner Thunderbird Medical Group in Glendale, AZ
● Geropsychiatry, Adult, Adolescent, or Psychosomatics (ECT) in the Greater Phoenix, AZ

Requirements: Board Certified/Eligible in Psychiatry and applicable subspecialty.
Experience and New Grads encouraged to apply.  Not accepting J1 candidates at this time.  Apply with your CV or e-mail us.  


Dr. Elizabeth Kohlhepp, in private clinical and forensic psychiatry practice since 2004, is looking for a colleague interested in office-sharing/subletting a lovely, recently remodeled/updated 12x12 office in a small suite in the Edwards Professional Building at Shea Boulevard and the 101, across from Honor Health Scottsdale Shea Hospital. The office has a shared reception area, storage room for files, large window for natural light, on the 2nd floor. Terms negotiable. This space may be perfect for someone looking to start or grow their private practice. Terms would begin no sooner than November 2020. If interest, please email or call:

TUCSON PRACTICE OPPORTUNITY:  Private practice opportunity in Tucson, Arizona in an overhead sharing arrangement with two other psychiatrists and a master's level therapist.  Contact Shari at 520-795-0309.  

Lovely office and receptionist area (available in early 2021) for rent in established behavioral health practice, primarily focused on adult and geriatric populations.  Therapists are looking for a mid-career practitioner to join the office and replace the retiring psychiatrist.  We are independent clinicians and providers for various insurance panels, well-established in our community.  Spacious suite and waiting room with multiple amenities, located near Tatum and Shea.  Interested parties please contact:  [email protected].  

JOB BOARD - COPE COMMUNITY SERVICES, INC.: Looking for an experienced Medical Director to join our team!  We are looking for a Medical Director (Board Certified Psychiatrist) to lead a team of highly qualified physicians and nurse
practitioners in an outpatient, integrated care setting.  CLICK HERE for more information regarding qualifications and how to contact Human Resources.  
On behalf of Dr. James Clark, Chair of the Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB) of the State of Arizona, we are sharing this information regarding an upcoming opening on PSRB; CLICK HERE for more information on the PSRB's responsibilities and this opportunity to fill an upcoming vacancy for a psychiatrist on the Board.  If you are able to contribute this service to the PSRB, please contact Dr. James Clark, the Chair of the PSRB, directly, by telephone call to 602-301-8806  If you know of a psychiatric peer in the community who might be interested and a good fit for this position, please feel free to share this information.  

Alexis Glascock, Esq. of Fennemore Craig Government Affairs Joins Effort as Contract Lobbyist on Jakes Law Implementation

Supported by a CALF Grant from the American Psychiatric Association, Alexis Glascock, Esq. of Fennemore Craig Government Affairs joins our Advocacy Team as contract lobbyist working in concert with leadership and APS Lobbyist Joseph Abate, Esq. specifically on the issues relating to the implementation of Jake's Law and the development of the rules and regulations in connection with those statutory provisions.  

Join the Parity Task Force:  Please contact Teri or Dr. Fowls to join the Parity Task Force.  You can help in many different ways to support the advocacy efforts surrounding the implementation and enforcement of mental health parity, including leadership to identify key issues, outreach to regulatory officials, testimony, and promoting awareness.  

Arizona Physicians Support Mental Health Parity and Rules Implementation of Jake's Law - A Report from ArMA 2020 HOD

At the 2020 House of Delegates on September 12, 2020, the Arizona Medical Association passed the Arizona Psychiatric Society Resolution in support of mental health parity and the related implementation of the rules and regulations of Jake's Law.  

Mental Health America Arizona Parity Webinar Available On Demand

As a resource to physicians, patients, families, and peer support, Insurance Parity and Jake's Law: What Does this Mean for Arizona's Future? is available on demand.  This webinar provides an overview of parity, the history of Jake's story, the rights to mental health parity and the law, and the provisions of Jake's Law (Mental Health Omnibus).  
Now Approved: for adults with a second subtype of major depressive disorder

Innovation that addresses an unmet need

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is proud to announce that SPRAVATO® is now
approved, in conjunction with an oral antidepressant (AD), for the treatment of
depressive symptoms in adults with major depressive disorder (MDD) with
acute suicidal ideation or behavior. CLICK HERE to READ MORE.

Janssen Neuroscience
Premium Corporate Sponsor 2020-2021

"Incompetent to Stand Trial, Not Restorable, and Dangerous,"  Joseph D. Bloom, MD, and Scott E. Kirkorsky, MD, J Am Acad Psychiatry Law 48:237-43, 2020. DOI:10.29158/JAAPL.003920-20, Vol. 48, No. 2, 2020.  This article focuses on the preferred disposition for an individual charged with a serious crime against another person, adjudicated incompetent to stand trial and not restorable to competence, whose original criminal charges are dismissed without prejudice, and who is regarded by the state as dangerous to the general public. 

"Burnout in Women Physicians - Prevention, Treatment, and Management," book edited by Cynthia M. Stonnington, MD, and Julia A. Files, MD.  
This book is the first to dissect the factors contributing to burnout that impact women physicians and seeks to appropriately address these issues and includes strategies to prevent and/or mitigate burnout among individual women physicians across the career lifespan, including recommendations to change the culture of medicine and the systems that contribute to burnout.  

Members are invited to share their peer-reviewed published articles by submitting the same to the administrative offices.  

Bahar Altaha, MD, Chair, Women's Group

Thank you to all who attended the Women's Group 4th Annual Afternoon Tea, a virtual event for 2020, and to Patricia Westmoreland, MD, DFAPA, for her insights and contributions on physician wellness, life, and career for female physicians.  

Particularly relevant to these times, and with Dr. Westmoreland's permission, we share her President's Column, co-authored with Rabbi Emily Hyatt, "On Being a Physician Mother: The Struggle and Rewards of Flexibility and Resilience," contained within the Colorado Psychiatric Society Spring Newsletter,   Please save the date of March 7, 2021, at which time we hope to be able to return to the original planned site of The Camby for the next Annual Afternoon Tea, thanks to our sponsors Sierra Tucson and American Professional Agency, Inc.  

The Arizona Medical Association (ArMA) Distinguished Service Award recognizes those individuals and organizations that have gone above and beyond in their profession, making a significant impact on the community.  View the acceptance video from Dr. Ole Thiehaus, Medical Director at the Whole Health Clinic, for more information.  

2020 Arizona Medical Association Distinguished Service Healthcare Award
2020 Arizona Medical Association Distinguished Service Healthcare Award


APA FREE MEMBER CME:  Member Course of the Month for September:  "Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: Challenges for Psychiatry," with faculty Sivan Mauer, M.D., MSc., Research psychiatrist, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston; Nassir Ghaemi, M.D., MPH, Director of the Mood Disorder Program and the Psychopharmacology Consultation Clinic at Tufts Medical Center; and Amanda Woerman, PhD, Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts.

APA RESPONDING TO RACISM LEARNING MODULES - The APA Presidential Task Force to Address Structural Racism Throughout Psychiatry was formed by APA President Dr. Jeffrey Geller in June 2020.  CLICK HERE for more information about the work of the Task Force, including three on demand learning modules developed by the APA on Racism and Black Mental Health, Responding to Racism from Patients, Families, and Guests Towards Residents and Practicing Physicians, and the Impact of Microagression on Mental Health Outcomes.  

UNDERSTANDING THE FINAL RULE FOR CFR 42 AND NEXT STEPS - On July 15, 2020, a final rule revising the federal regulations governing the Confidentiality of Substance Use Disorder Patient Records, 42 CFR Part 2 (Part 2), was released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The rule will go into effect on August 14, 2020. In preparation for the final rule to go into effect and to educate members about the changes included in the CARES Act, the APA jointly hosted a webinar, Understanding the Final Rule for 42 CFR Part 2 and Next Steps, with the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry and the American Society of Addiction Medicine on August 12, 2020. CLICK HERE to view the webinar, slides, and additional resources.

The University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix Grand Rounds for the Department of Psychiatry next session is 12:00 to 1:00 pm, September 25, 2020, "Inclusive Excellence: Toward Mitigating Racism in Medicine," Francisco Ludio, JD, Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion. October Grand Rounds Resumes starting October 16, 2020. For more information, CLICK HERE for the flyer. To sign-up to receive the MS Teams Meeting link, please e-mail Lorin Akers, MS/HRM, Psychiatry Clerkship Coordinator.

SAVE THE DATE: 11/14 ALZHEIMER, LEWY BODY, AND RELATED DEMENTIAS SYMPOSIUM:  David Shprecher, DO, Msci, FAAN, Movement Disorders Director, Banner Sun Health Research Institute, invites you to attend a virtual symposium on Alzheimer, Lewy body and Related Dementias on Saturday November 14th.  CME will be offered and the lectures will be archived for subsequent viewing by those who register in advance. You can subscribe for updates, or e-mail with any logistical questions or concerns.  

The Arizona Psychiatric Society Opioid Education Planning Committee is planning three one-hour educational modules for psychiatric physicians in support of their annual opioid-education requirement for licensure. These modules will be made available online and free to our members. The Planning Committee has composed a list of topics relevant to psychiatry, and would like your input in identifying the three to move forward with for the modules.


Thank you to the members of the Opioid Education Planning Commitee: Christina Arredondo, MD; Jasleen Chhatwal, MBBS, MD; Monica Faria, MD; Elisa Gumm, DO; Edwin Kim, MD; Gurjot Marwah, MD; Ole Thienhaus, MD; and Jamie Weinand, MD.

Thanks to a Social Media Charge proposed and led by Dr. Ramsha Rao from the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson, working collaboratively with the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix and Creighton University School of Medicine Valleywise Health Center (Phoenix) Psychiatry Residency Programs, the Society is posting awareness resources and information on its Instagram and Facebook social media accounts contributed by these efforts. 

We are looking for members who want to participate in our efforts to increase mental health awareness in our community and in turn be more involved. Any media contacts would also be appreciated!  If you have an interest in making a difference for psychiatry through media efforts, we invite you to join the Social Media Charge.  Contact Teri or Dr. Rao for more information.  

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