April 2023

President Message

Dear Members,

Spring is upon us, PT/PTA students are winding down their education and some are preparing for graduation and joining us as clinicians! Our calendar is in full swing! There is amazing work happening within our special interest groups and committees and it makes me really excited, humbled and proud of all that you do to continue to better ourselves, our profession, our relationships and our community. Speaking of relationships, our students hosted the National Advocacy Dinner April 19th at Sacred Heart University. Because of our relationships and interactions that lead to friendships, Christin McCarthy-Vahey, chair of the Public Health Committee, was able to join us and interact with the students on the importance of relationships and advocacy. It was a great turn out and congratulations to all involved with organizing the event!

The slate of candidates is open for the upcoming elections in July. Candidate statements and profiles can be found on the candidates landing page. Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions for the candidates that you’d like the delegation to ask! Leadership Congress registration has officially started. July 20-25th will be filled with events occurring down in Washington DC including the House of Delegates, and PT Day on the Hill on July 25th. Our Federal Affairs Liaison is Rob Weymers; you can find some information in the newsletter. Please reach out to him if you are interested in attending PT Day on the Hill, he can provide you with some of the public policy speaking points and more of the details. 

This weekend we will be hosting Owens Recovery Science for Personalized Blood Flow Restriction certification. This was a successful non-dues revenue generator for us last year, and is shaping up to be a successful event again this year. Registration may be closed by the time you read this newsletter, but feel free to reach out if you’re interested in more information.

Registration for our Annual Golf Tournament is now open! Please check out the website for more information as we have revamped a few of the contests and packages. Consider registering a foursome, volunteering or recruiting a sponsor/vendor! Last year there was an eventful Hole in One by our own Michael Durant! Let’s see if we can make it two years in a row!

Let’s see those graduation pictures! With Graduation ceremonies and events coming up in the next few weekends, tag us in your pictures! @APTACT. We would love to share the hard work and success of completing PT/PTA School and welcome you into our profession! We hope that the relationships that you have formed as students, mentors, employers, colleagues and professors will keep Connecticut’s valuable future professionals here in this great state! A pre-emptive congratulations to all! 

Before I close out this letter, I would like to also note that we are going to be having our June Board of Directors Meeting IN PERSON! This will be the first time we have officially gotten together in person as a board since January of 2020. Once we know the location we will make sure to post it on basecamp and the website so you can join us if you’re able to.

I will close with saying, once again, thank you all for your continuous efforts within our association. I am in awe every day with the impact that we make on the community and each other. There is no better state and component than ours, and it’s all in large part due to your continuous commitment, volunteering, and acknowledgement that we are truly better together. Thank you! 


Stefanie Bourassa President, APTA CT


Personalized Blood Flow Restriction

April 22

Pediatric Oncology: Multi-Disciplinary Panel Discussion

May 17

APTA CT Golf Tournament:

June 27


Management of Patients following a Hip Fracture. Principles of Interventions and a Review of Outcomes

June 13

Role of Physical Therapists in Palliative Care

July 18


Blood Flow Restriction

Sept 9

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Payment and Legislative Updates

  • APTA lead the way in advocating for a correction in billing coding error for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring through Medicare. 

  • Aetna no longer requires authorizations!

  • The APTA Annual report for 2022 is readily available. See where your membership dues are spent, what the goals and achievements were, and the future direction of the profession is:


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National Advocacy Dinner:

Over 60 students and members participated in Connecticut’s National Advocacy Dinner on Wednesday April 19th at Sacred Heart University. APTA CT Federal Affairs Liaison Rob Weymers and APTA Student Chief Delegate Matt Glassoff lead the way with why advocacy matters and what is going on at the Federal Level. 

Shortly after their invigorating presentation, Our Executive Director and Lobbyist Jim Leahy joined Vic Vaughn and the Chair of the Public Health Committee for the CT General Assembly, Christin McCarthy-Vahey, to discuss what happens at our state and local governments and how this impacts our profession and the way we practice. When the students were asked how many were registered vote and actively vote in all levels of elections, every hand was raised in the room! Congratulations to our Core Ambassador and the Student Special Interest Group Leaders for organizing such a successful event!

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Rob Weymers, Physical Therapist with the VA in Connecticut, joined us as our FAL after moving here from West Virginia. Prior to practicing in WV, Rob was very involved with our neighboring state of NY. 

He would like to invite you to join him down in Washington DC for PT day on the Hill. This year the event will be piggy backed onto the tail end of the Leadership Congress. 

Mandatory training will occur on Monday July 24th with meetings scheduled through APTA for July 25th. Please connect with him or be on the look out for registration information. Please also note that APTA FEDERAL AFFAIRS team will be assisting with setting up meetings and times with component members; this helps to streamline the process and reduce the stress on you all. Let Rob know if you’re interested in going and who your representative is for your area!

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Chapter / Member Higlights

Thank you to everyone who participated in NESC '23

We are looking forward to next year.

The APTA CT DEI Committee has been attending high school Career Fairs and sharing why PT Moves Me. Pictured here at the Glastonbury Career Fair is Natalee Cifuentes