APTA Statement on Racial Intolerance - 6/3/2020
Statement by the
American Public Transportation Association
Like the nation as a whole, our more than 1,500 member organizations and the nearly half million men and women working in public transportation are distressed by the senseless death that has sparked unrest and division across the country.
The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week is the latest injustice that has scarred America’s history.  It is a painful and powerful reminder that a great deal more work remains to be done by all of us.  Racial intolerance festers for generations and destroys the contract that makes us a fair, just society. 
We believe that freedom and progress are built on mobility.  By making opportunities accessible for all, our industry’s work is integral to improving people’s lives, regardless of race, economic standing or physical ability.  Our members practice that uniquely American ideal every time they connect riders to what they need, what they love, and what they aspire to achieve.
With humanity and dignity, we must continue to ensure true access, safety, and security to all members of our communities.   Now more than ever, public transportation’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity remains a fundamental part of who we are – as an industry, as an association, and as individuals. 
These are difficult times, but together we will prevail and help lift our communities to a better tomorrow.
Nuria I. Fernandez
Paul P. Skoutelas
President and CEO
Sent to you by the American Public Transportation Association
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