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What Are We Missing in ACL Reconstruction Return to Sport Testing?

February 1, 2023

7:00 – 8:30 PM

Virtual on Zoom

The high risk of second anterior cruciate ligament injuries after return to sport highlights the importance of return to sport (RTS) decision-making. This lecture will discuss an evidence-based approach that combines global movement and dynamic balance testing with conventional RTS testing to enhance clinical reasoning. 


April 1, 2023

MGH Institute of Health Professions

PT Center for Clinical Education and Health Promotion

2 Constitution Wharf

Boston, MA

Registration for this one of a kind event is coming soon.

More Information

Based on legislation that was passed in 2021, Rhode Island state law permits Physical Therapists to order radiographs, commonly referred to as x-ray imaging. While this is a great stride forward for Physical Therapy as a doctoring profession in the state of RI, this legislation is set to expire at the end of 2023. To justify continuation of this privilege the PT community needs to provide evidence of appropriate utilization, improved access to healthcare, and reduced healthcare spending.
We are inviting all Rhode Island Physical Therapists to participate in an important research study that aims to provide evidence for continuation of radiograph ordering privileges. To learn more please visit www.jenniferhurrell.com/research.html.
Physical Therapists who did not attend the in-person APTA RI continuing education course titled “Basics of Musculoskeletal Radiology and Imaging Short Course” held in April 2022 are encouraged to register for the online version of the course here

Neighborhood Health Plan -Integrity: Removed Prior Authorization requirement for PT and OT beyond 24 sessions per calendar year for INTEGRITY members, effective Jan. 1st 2023  

More information: Physical-and-Occupational-Rehabilitation-Services-eff-1.01.23.pdf 

ASH-American Specialty Health

New clinical guidelines were issued at the end of the year and can be found here


CMS rule aimed at improving Medicare Advantage draws praise | Healthcare Dive

Payment Resources:

State Payer Advocacy Resource Center (SPARC):

A joint initiative of payer resources brought to you by APTA and APTA Private Practice Section                                      

Submitted by Yvonne Swanson, APTA RI Payment Chair

State Legislative Updates

The State Legislative Committee met with Representative Michelle McGaw last week to discuss the APTA RI legislative agenda. She was very receptive and has introduced the PT Compact Bill in the RI House of Representatives on our behalf.


There are three RI House bills introduced by the APTA RI:


HB 5012 – Copay Parity with Primary Care Providers

HB 5013 – Extending the sundown for PTs ordering imaging

HB 5076 – Allows PTs to join the national Physical Therapy Compact.


Other bills should be introduced in the coming weeks. Testimony opportunities will follow. APTA RI is always looking for to people who would be interested and available to testify in committee hearings at the State House.

Submitted by Greg Doucette, Legislative Committee Chair

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