Welcome!    As always, we look forward to providing you with high-performance focused information, news, insights, resources and offers from APTelecom as well as from all around the subsea cable industry.   The team recently mentioned some of the milestones and achievements that APTelecom has made over the years. We decided to put that into the infographic shown below.   Enjoy the latest installment of the APTelecom newsletter and we hope to see you at one of the many conferences that we are attending during the latter part of this year.
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APTelecom Client Updates

ATISA is Docomo Pacific's new cable and is being built between Guam and Saipan and points in between. Learn more about ATISA here.

SEA-US is Hawaiian Telcom's system between Guam and mainland USA. Learn more about SEA-US here.

Last but not least, the MONET Cable between Florida, USA and Sao Paulo, Brazil, via Fortaleza Brazil, is also going RFS shortly and you can learn more about it  here.


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APTelecom will also be in Bangkok this coming September for the PTC Academy course being held at Loxley Broadband's Bangkok HQ. 

To learn more about the opportunities that this academy offers, please go here .   APTelecom in NYC, we are speaking at the Telecodays event being held this October.

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APTelecom is proud to make a contribution to Friends International on behalf of 'State of Subsea', a 401c founded by APTelecom to bring together leading executives and influencers from all across the subsea industry. Friends International is a leading social enterprise aimed to save lives and build futures for the most marginalized children and youth in Southeast Asia and across the world.
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