September / 23 / 2016

To our Solar Partners, 
Thank you for joining us at Solar Power International 2016 in Las Vegas. The conference capped another outstanding year for our company, as we brought several exciting new products to market and solidified our position as a global leader in the Module Level Power Electronics segment.
We're especially proud of the new YC500i microinverter with EnergyMax, an innovative, dual-module microinverter for today's high-power modules. Ancillary products like our new ECU Wi-Fi secure gateway and ArrayApp all-in-one mobile installer tool bring added value and ease to installers and end users alike.
We're gearing up for more exciting new product releases in 2017, further developing our MLPE product portfolio. And APsystems remains committed to serving our solar partners with the best solar technology, pricing and support.
Once again we look forward to working with you into the new year, bringing dynamic clean energy solutions to customers across the nation and worldwide.
The APsystems team
Jason Higginson, senior director of marketing
Thomas Nelson, vice president of sales, Western Region, USA
Ryan Davies, director of sales, Eastern Region, USA

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