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 Happy Holidays from Animal Rescue Corps!   

Dear Friend, 

       On behalf of the staff, volunteers and partners of Animal Rescue Corps, I want to wish a happy holiday season to you and your loved ones, human and non-human. On behalf of all the animals we have saved and given new lives, free from suffering, I want to say thank you for being a part of this organization this year and the great work we have accomplished together.


       To touch briefly on what your support has meant this year... ARC has conducted more than a dozen rescue operations. Our direct action has ended the suffering of many hundreds of animals. As our compassion knows no boundaries, our rescues have included dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, chickens, geese, monkeys, parrots and the list goes on. Our work has taken us from puppy mills in the southern United States to northern Quebec, Canada where we implemented a humane solution for the animal population problems faced by an entire community. Some rescues we had to move immediately on, while some required months of planning and weeks on the ground. Each time, your support has helped to make this possible. 

I am writing to share with you a token of our appreciation and  

to ask you for something as well.


       To show our appreciation to you, our Corps supporters, we have created a beautiful and inspiring look back at this year - a year of compassion. Please enjoy and proudly share this retrospective of the amazing work we have accomplished together.
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Click to view: The Gift of Compassion 2011

       I am also writing to ask you to please remember the animals and Animal Rescue Corps in your holiday giving this year. Your tax-deductible donation will help ARC to finish this year strong and begin next year stronger than ever. Together we will accomplish so much more. Together we can end the suffering and create new beginnings for so many...


       We have big plans for the coming year. We need to reach more animals, more people and more communities. We need to improve and create systems that will allow us to accomplish more with less. And we need to be able to pay our small full-time staff for the first time - most people are not aware that we have been an entirely volunteer organization up to this point with nearly every dime going directly to rescue operations.


All the ways you support ARC are important, from "liking" and "sharing" our  

Facebook posts to the kind words you send that warm our hearts,  

to your critical financial support of our work.


ARC Angel Button 

       One of the best ways you can support ARC's life-saving efforts is to become an ARC Angel with a sustaining monthly gift. This regular monthly income is so important! It enables us to sustain operations, pay bills and commit to rescue operations even before we have them fully funded - because we know we can count on you.



       If you are already an ARC Angel, I ask that you also consider making a one-time, special end-of-year gift to help us finish the year strong. You can be assured that we have used every cent to benefit those that are suffering without a voice. You can be assured that your money is going directly to help animals in need - to put your ARC field team on the ground where it is needed most.

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       As the season progresses you will hear more from ARC... I hope my time allows for me to share a more personal message of gratitude for what this year and your support has meant to me. You will also receive reminders of what this year has meant for individual animals - because while we focus on large-scale rescues, it is the individual lives we change together that remind us all why this work is so important.


       Wishing the happiest of holidays for you and your family!


For the animals,

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Scotlund Haisley
President & Founder
Animal Rescue Corps

Animal Rescue Corps is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations to Animal Rescue Corps are tax-deductible. Donations to ARC not used in this specific rescue will be used to fund ARC operations, investigations and future rescues.