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Current resources and services focus primarily on research:
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ARCC 2021 Seed Grant Funding: April & May Deadlines

The Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities (ARCC) & Northwestern University Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute (NUCATS) in partnership with Northwestern Memorial Hospital will fund ARCC 2021 Research Pilot Seed Grants that support the development of partnerships and projects that engage communities and stakeholders most impacted by health inequities in research collaboration with Northwestern academic teams. Honoring and centering the expertise and experience of communities increases the trustworthiness, relevance, quality, and impact of health research. The Seed Grant program has been revised this year to have a stronger focus on racial equity and addressing root causes of inequities. 

Partnership Development Seed Grants Cycle 2
These grants support newly developing partnerships between communities and researchers for strategies including relationship building, creation of partnership structure, exploration of shared areas of interest, research capacity development, and/or examining and taking steps to address issues of bias and racism in research and partnerships.
$5,000, up to 18 months.
Request for Applications: bit.ly/ARCC2021grantPD2
Seed Grant Info Webinar Slides & Recording
Required Call with ARCC Co-Director Jen Brown: No later than May 13, 2021
Application Deadline: May 27, 2021

Research Pilot Seed Grants
These grants are to advance the work of existing community-academic partnerships that have prior collaborative experience to conduct preliminary research activities and develop engaged research proposals for external research funding. 
Up to $25,000, Up to 36 months.
Request for Applications: bit.ly/ARCC2021grantsRP
Seed Grant Info Webinar March 10, 3-4pm
Required Call with ARCC Co-Director Jen Brown: No later than April 15, 2021
Application Deadline: April 29, 2021

Recordings & Resources from Recent CCH Webinars

  • February 17 "Root Causes of Health Inequities: ARCC Discussion Session with Dr. Linda Rae Murray": watch recording
Supporting the Critical Role of Community Organizations During COVID-19
Supporting the Critical Role of Community Organizations During COVID-19

CCH Welcomes new ARCC Co-Director Shehara Waas!

Please join the  Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities  (ARCC) in welcoming Shehara Waas as the new ARCC Community Co-Director. This is a step to ensure that ARCC espouses the same values that they advocate for in research partnerships, projects, and across the research enterprise--community leadership and shared and collective power and decision-making. ARCC co-founder Jen Brown has served as director since 2010 and is excited to now step beside Shehara as co-director in a collective leadership structure in collaboration with ARCC Community Engagement Liaison Ariel Thomas and the ARCC Community-Academic Steering Committee.

Join ARCC on Friday, March 12 (1:30 PM) for Zoom "Meet & Gr
eet" to connect with Shehara. Click here to register. 

For more about Shehara and the position, click here.
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