Momentum : A Newsletter of the ARCC             June 2017 
In this issue we share the good news about our initiatives across the region, working with states to prepare for ESSA, publishing new videos, convening state boards, evaluating the impact of career education, and supporting state initiatives designed to encourage excellence in teaching. As Wendell Berry tweeted this past April, "There is much good work to be done by every one of us and we must begin to do it." Enjoy this issue! We're going back to work.

ARCC Posts New Video Series on ESSA  

The ARCC's three-episode series on the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is posted on the  ARCC YouTube channel. The series i ntroduces the federal education law and its major provisions. 

We're doing a number of things because we think it is part of our role to support and help states as they undertake this enormous transition. So we offer a variety of services. We can facilitate communities of practice, we can help peers from across state lines get together to talk about specific needs and issues, and we can certainly connect states with resources from experts.  Caitlin Howley, ARCC Director

Highlights include a discussion of the transition year, changes in accountability requirements, and the role of comprehensive centers.
ARCC Convenes Board Members from Three States 

Representatives of state boards of education from three states met on May 22-23, 2017 at Stonewall Jackson Resort in West Virginia. Those attending included 13 state board members from West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio, in addition to ARCC staff members who facilitated the discussions. 

Tennessee Embarks on Micro-Credentialing Initiative

Micro-credentialing is designed to individualize professional development for teachers and align it to licensure. The Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) began its planning for a pilot of micro-credentialing last year, welcoming assistance from the ARCC. TDOE determined to begin with a pilot for 60 teachers in 2016-2017 across three topical areas that would offer 15 micro-credentials, in keeping with the state's broad shift toward competency-based learning. 

West Virginia Seeks Evidence of CTE Impact on Completers

What is the impact of CTE--career and technical education--on the students who complete these programs? The ARCC is working with the West Virginia Department of Education to administer an online survey that will ask graduates of the state's Simulated Workplace CTE program to share their ideas about the benefits and impact that their participation has had on their professional success.   
Tennessee Posts Nine New Videos on Social & Personal Competencies

Social and emotional learning strategies are an important component of meeting the needs of every child in classrooms today. Developed by the ARCC for the Tennessee Department of Education, nine new videos are available to help educators in Tennessee and elsewhere better understand relevant strategies that lead to the development of social and personal competencies.  View the entire video series on the ARCC's YouTube Channel. This work is conducted through a partnership with the Center for Great Teachers and Leaders.
Publications & Webinars

Curious about high school assessment requirements under ESSA? Committed to arts education under ESSA? Wanting to know how states are approaching accountability? Learn more about resources on these and other topics. 

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