Momentum : A Newsletter of the ARCC              December 2016
Welcome to the new look of the ARCC Momentum!  Our mission is unchanged, to bring you news of exciting developments throughout the region that have resulted from our partnerships with Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Scroll down for news about social and emotional learning, formative assessment, and dual language immersion. We describe a variety of new resources, including ESSA guidance, video modules, and publications. And we consider the legacy of education in the region through the eyes of Dr. Phil Suiter, from whom we can learn much that is relevant today. Happy New Year to all!

New Videos Show Formative Assessment in Virginia Classrooms 

Since 2013, the ARCC has partnered with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) to help educators apply effective formative assessment instructional practices in the classroom. T he ARCC has created 12 videos that offer  educators the opportunity to see examples of formative assessment practiced by Virginia teachers in real Virginia classrooms.  View the videos on the  ARCC YouTube channel.  

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Kentucky Explores Dual Language Immersion Models

Last spring, the ARCC agreed to assist the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) in identifying exemplary statewide dual language immersion models by conducting a landscape analysis and debrief with KDE on the findings and their implications. One indication of broader national interest in Kentucky's initiative is the invitation to Alfonso De Torres N úñ ez, World Languages Consultant for KDE, to present on the dual language immersion initiative at the annual conference of the National Council for State Supervisors of Foreign Language, held in Boston, MA, November 15-17, 2016 .
Tennessee Develops Social & Emotional Learning Modules

The Tennessee Department of Education (TDE) continues its partnership with the ARCC and the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders to develop a collection of online modules addressing ten evidence-based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) practices assessed through the Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model.  View the four videos posted on the  ARCC YouTube Channel.

Coming Soon: New ESSA Resources 

The ARCC will begin taping a three-episode series on the new federal education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), in the new year. The objectives of the series are to i nform citizens in the region about ESSA; e xplore how the new law might affect states, districts, and schools; and p rovide information about how stakeholders can provide input to the law. We will post the episodes on the ARCC website in the first few months of 2017.

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Dr. Phil Suiter Interviewed by ARCC

Dr. Tony Marchese interviews longtime educator Dr. Phil E. Suiter of West Virginia for the ICF Insights Leadership Legacy Series. They discuss Suiter's decades-long career providing quality leadership to public and private education in the Appalachia Region. View the three-part interview posted on the  ARCC YouTube channel.
Webinars & Publications

Interested in learning more about work-based learning? Curious about early responses from SEA leaders to ESSA's implications for school improvement? T eacher and district leader views on the ESSA transition? How ESSA deals with teacher effectiveness? Wondering about the purposes served by state report cards? 

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