Game Plan for Senior Management  

Launching ARCH by 4Leaf at XYZ

ARCH by 4Leaf is an automated system for assisting the executives of self-insured companies manage the process of lowering the cost of healthcare by influencing all employees to move in the direction of a way of eating that is capable of preventing, slowing, stopping or reversing most chronic disease.

This message contains a link to an Executive Summary for Management as well as a series of seven messages that will be sent to everyone. Once approved by management, all associates will receive a message every second work day over the course of about three weeks.   

Diet is a delicate topic. Naturally, when we think about influencing the way all of the associates in an organization chooses to eat, we must take great care in how we present the approach to everyone. For that reason, we have prepared this communications package to help facilitate the process of gently bringing everyone up to speed--always focusing on the positive, while minimizing the chance that
anyone ever feels that she or he is being forced to do anything. 

For that reason, we always stress the enormous benefits of healthier eating to everyone. These include the plethora of benefits (to the associate) that accompany better health coupled with the attractive bonus of saving money.

The preparation (prior to launch) begins with discussions with senior management and subsequent meetings and training sessions with all supervisors. Once management and supervision are all on the same page, the seven-part message series to ALL associates is launched.

Management Orientation. Also, prior to launch, this special message will be sent to all management personnel. It will advise them ahead of time of program details that they will need to be able to answer when people ask, "What's this ARCH thing all about?" 

Please refer any questions directly to me. Call me on my cell at 917-399-9700 or email me at


J. Morris Hicks, CEO
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