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ARCUSplus BUZZ is a periodical electronic newsletter published by ARCUSplus - a consultancy firm for inter-national business development. This newsletter focu- ses on trends that influence economic development agencies and  private corporations around the world, and reports about organizations that chose ARCUSplus for developing and/or implementing their future marke- ting and sales strategies. The information on events keeps you up-to-date on seminars and conferences to help you access today's dynamic global marketplace.
Impuls Zeeland identifies & enters new target markets

Impuls Zeeland has developed a thorough strategic plan for promoting its region and attracting new businesses. ARCUSplus did further research in order to find additional and dynamic target markets for the near future, and also put together a solid database of potential investors in the maritime industry in Northwestern Europe.   

Groningen Seaports investigates overseas partners
Strategic cooperation with ports around the world is getting more and more important for Dutch regional port authorities. That is  why Gr oningen Seaports, very much involved in the industry sectors energy, chemicals and agribusiness, asked ARCUSplus to map possible mutual interests between itself and initially the Port of Houston in the USA. Our firm investigated corporate residents, infrastructure, facilities, cargo flows and emerging industry sectors. 
Gate2@Aeroparc develops proposition for its investors 
Technology, training and test centre for civil and military aviation, called Gate2, located at Aeroparc in Gilze-Rijen, the Netherlands, has plans to substantially increase the number of residents at its campus. Therefore ARCUSplus developed the necessary value proposition to enable Gate2's staff to successfully attract maintenance, aerospace and aviation  related companies  to the region. 
New marketing/acquisition strategy for WTC The Hague
The World Trade Center in the Hague is right on track with regards to accommodating its tenants, hosting well-attended events and expanding supporting facilities at its premises. In order to be able to attract even more  prominent residents, World Trade Center The Hague asked ARCUSplus to develop a marketing, acquisition and operational plan geared towards new target groups in national and foreign markets.  
Reinforcement recently established InnovationQuarter
The brand new regional economic development agency for the Zuid-Holland region within the Netherlands, called Innovation-Quarter, was established on January 1st, 2014. Its efforts are aimed at achieving the communal goal: advancing the innovative and competitive strength of Zuid-Holland. ARCUSplus has been given the opportunity to support the marketing and acquisition department for the next six months with regards to strategic and operational matters. 
Stec/ARCUSplus hosted well-attended training session
The Stec Group and ARCUSplus jointly hosted an afternoon training session that highlighted the ins and outs of developing, marketing and selling technology campuses and cluster locations.  Topics such as 'when exactly is your health-campus, energy business park, automotive campus, care park or maintenance valley top-notch', 'how to create a strong brand with the right look and feel' and 'which amenities and facilities should be offered to become more attractive for new spin-offs, researchers and OEM's' were discussed with the attendees who represented municipalities, economic development agencies and industrial parks. For the slides that were used, please browse to this link on our website.
Successful Round Table sessions for State of Illinois
Commissioned by the American State of Illinois, ARCUSplus, in close cooperation with the Netherlands American Council for Trade Promotion (NACTP) of NCH, organized two business round table sessions last March in Amsterdam and Helmond for Dutch companies seeking to set-up a business operation in the United States. These round tables, featuring tax and financial specialists, as well as testimonial speakers, were well-attended.   
New boost for youngest top sector 'Logistics'  abroad
The newly established Dutch Platform Foreign Promotion Logistics is a public private platform, with prominent organisations such as Port Authority Rotterdam, Schiphol Group, Dinalog, HIDC, regional economic development agencies and several Dutch ministries, that will jointly focus on reinforcing and expanding the logistics position of the Netherlands in foreign countries around the world. On behalf of the NFIA, ARCUSplus will map specific next steps for the project group within the Platform, that will bundle the promotion aspirations of its members and develop a toolbox for marketing the Netherlands as the Gateway to Europe abroad. Please refer to our website for the latest media coverage concerning this government initiative.
ARCUSplus headquarters moved to WTC The Hague
As per April 1st 2014, ARCUSplus Europe has moved its headquarters to a more prominent location in the Hague, the Netherlands: the World Trade Center at the Prinses Margriet-plantsoen. Easy to reach by car and public transportation. Our new contact information can be found at our website. The phone numbers and e-mail addresses of our partners remain the same.
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