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ARCUSplus BUZZ is a periodical electronic newsletter published by ARCUSplus. This newsletter focuses on trends that influence economic development agencies and  private corporations around the world, and re- ports about organizations that chose ARCUSplus for developing and/or implementing their future marketing and acquisitions strategies, or for their pan-European location search.
In 2015 ARCUSplus has been in business for 10 years !

ARCUSplus was established ten years ago. Initially the firm's focus was on lead generation and prospect development, but soon thereafter its core services shifted towards strategic marke- ting and acquisition counselling for European investment promo- tion agencies (IPA's). In the last few years ARCUSplus also ad- ded developing and coaching of foreign investment departments within those IPA's, as well as location search for corporations, to its portfolio. Our practice has worked for almost 100 organizations, and has done actual research or performed activities in foreign markets for over two thirds of its clients, in top sectors such as Chemical, Agrofood, IT, Life Sciences & Health, and High Tech Systems & Materials. 

Bratwurst beats bami: Germany will be the new China !
The Netherlands is the proud host of approximately 11.000 establishments of foreign owned companies, representing a wide array of industry sectors and performing a ll possible business functions of the corporate supply chain. T h ose companies employ a mere 600.000 people. It is a well- known fact that North-American firms make-up for almost one third of these foreign investments. But, and this may come as a surprise, our very own continent is responsible for almost half of the foreign operations ánd jobs created in Holland sofar. This means that our top investors are right in our face! Read the full article
REWIN West-Brabant taking a close look at top sectors
The very western part of the province of Brabant has always been sucessful in attracting (inter)national companies to its region. Still REWIN West-Brabant wondered if they still had a comp etitive edge compared to other, similar locations in the Netherlands as well as in surrounding countries. ARCUS plus benchmarked the region's focus techno- logy clusters, such as Logistics, High Tech Systems & Materials, Agrofood, Chemical and Biobased, against competing areas, mapped the most relevant market trends and developments and finally established West-Brabant's level of competitiveness. Now REWIN is ready for the future!    
Hiring new acquisition managers for the City of Utrecht
In the years to come, the City of Utrecht intends to intensify its efforts to attract companies to the area and thus creating jobs and strengthening the local corporate community. Therefore the city will introduce a new, pro-active approach, focused on specific target markets with a brand new, dedicated and more balanced acquisition team. Two additional acquisition managers will be presented soon, cove- ring markets in the Nether- lands and Germany. ARCUS- plus developed the strategic as well as the operational plan for both markets, and assisted the city in hiring the right persons for these positions.
City of Venlo actively marketing its logistic capabilities
The City of Venlo is well aware of its number one logistics hotspot position within the Netherlands. This is also why city officials would like to take up more ways to promote the city's logistics capabilities in Europe and beyond. Last year ARCUS plus developed a 14-point operational marketing and acquisition plan that will be implemented into the muni- cipal organisation this spring. It is currently our firm's role to assist in the roll-out of three of those specific activities: deve- loping the actual logistics value proposition for Venlo, designing foreign prospect develop- ment programs and further shaping the current investor develop- ment approach. 
New business park Eeneind-West in Nuenen to market 
Recently the City of Nuenen in the southern part of the Netherlands approved the zoning plan for the  new business park at Eeneind-West. The three landowners Ban Bouw, Moeskops' Bouwbedrijf and Adriaans Bouwgroep have asked ARCUS plus to present a strategic and operational plan in which the profile of the location and its potential clients, as well as the best ways to appro ach these target groups, is laid down. The land at Eeneind-West will become available for interesting parties from May 1st, next. For more information, please visit the ARCUS plus website
New marketing and acquisition strategy for Amersfoort
In the recent past a large number of companies has chosen to set-up the ir businesses in the Dutch City of Amersfoort. In order to even increase this number, the city decided to have ARCUS p lus develop a strategic acqui- sition approach for the future. Our firm was also commissioned to add an opera- tional plan to this, which means its acquisition managers are able to imme- diately start their activities attracting com- panies in the Netherlands as well as abroad in foreign markets.
Amsterdam hosts European IPA's knowledge exchange
Early February representatives of ten Investment and Promotion Agencies, all from Western-European cities, gathered in Amsterdam as guests of   amsterdam inbusine ss. During a two-day workshop, that was moderated by ARCUS plus, they discussed pressing matters such as maximizing and measuring results, the combination of trade and investment tasks, global trends and developments, and future cooperation.  
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