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ARCUSplus BUZZ is a periodical electronic newsletter published by ARCUSplus. This newsletter focuses on trends that influence economic development agencies and  private corporations around the world, and re- ports about organizations that chose ARCUSplus for developing and/or implementing their future marketing and acquisitions strategies, or for their pan-European location and site selection activities.
Masterclass account management at National BT Congress
On October 14 next, the National Business Park Conference ('Natio- naal BT Congres') will take place  in Tilburg, the Netherlands, with several prominent guests. The main topic will be 'From Business Park to Business Development'. ARCUS- plus will organise and moderate one of the masterclasses that day, called 'International Account Management & Acquisition'. For more information, visit our website or go to BT Congres.
City of Utrecht introduces new name, team and website
In the years to come, the city of Utrecht intends to intensify its efforts to attract companies to the area and thus creating jobs and strengthening the local corporate community. Therefore the city has recently introduced a pro-active approach, focused on specific target markets with a brand new, dedicated and more balanced acquisition team within a brand new organisation: Utrecht City in Business. Two additional project managers were hired last month, covering markets in the Netherlands and Germany, and the city's new website was launched. ARCUS plus developed the strategic as well as the operational plan for both markets.
Logistic value proposition city of Venlo carved in stone
Netherlands' number one logistics hotspot has been in the spotlights frequently lately, and therefore the city of Venlo intends to maintain City of Venlo its pole position by a continued marketing and invest- ment promotion effort  towards international markets. ARCUS - plus has been asked to further develop and finetune the city's logistics value proposition as a basic tool. This proposition will be used for, among others, Venlo's website, its collateral material, as well as the basis for dedicated bid books for potential investors.
Trade promotion and FDI: not a match made in heaven!
In the last decade, we see more and more national and municipal trade promotion organisations (TPOs) and investment promotion agencies (IPAs) joining forces by placing their services un der one roof, meaning to cut down on financial resources a nd personnel, aiming at maximisa- tion of FDI and export results. Quick question: is this truly the best thing since sliced bread, or are we looking at a monstrous marriage destined to eventually end-up in a devastating divorce? In practice, it turns out to be much more complicated than tha t. In fact, a fruitful merger is far from carved in stone.                                                  Read more
Eindhoven mapped the value of investment promotion 
Eindhoven, in 2011 elected as the world's smartest region, asked itself what the added value would be of pro-active investment promotion, in addition to the City of Eindhoven current acquisition activities being carried out by NFIA, BOM and Brainport. What's there to gain for the municipality? ARCUS plus  consulted its very own databases and practical experience to not only underpin the importance and benefits of pro-active acquisition in relation to regional economic and employment growth, but also mapped the opportunities for the city of Eindhoven with regards to attracting new direct investment. 
Benchmark workshop in Maastricht confirms IPA-focus
ARCUS plus benchmarked the current investment promotion approach and results of the city of Maastricht against other, comparable agencies within the Netherlands, assessed the city's com- petitive edge, mapped relevant market trends and concluded that the Maastricht IP-department is clearly on the right track and doing basically the right things. Its future definitely looks bright!
In 2015 ARCUSplus has been in business for 10 years !

ARCUSplus was established ten years ago. Initially the firm's focus was on lead generation and prospect development, how- ever soon thereafter its core ser- vices shifted towards strategic marketing and acquisition coun- selling for European investment promotion agencies (IPA's). In the last few years ARCUSplus also added developing and coaching of foreign investment departments within those IPA's, as well as location and site selection for corporations, to its portfolio. Our practice has worked for almost 100 organizations, and has done actual research or performed activities in foreign markets for over two thirds of its clients, in top sectors such as Chemicals, Agrofood, IT & Electronics, Life Sciences & Health, Cleantech, Biobased and High Tech Systems & Materials. 

ARCUSplus develops new company profile & new look
As of last month, ARCUS plus' company profile has an updated look and feel, including our new value propositions, an extensive client list, fresh colours and shapes, and less text! Down- load and see both the Dutch and English version here.  


Please keep your eyes peeled for our brand new website shortly!

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