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ARCUS plus BUZZ is a periodical electronic newsletter , published by ARCUS plus , focusing on trends that affect economic development agencies around the world. Moreover it highlights the organizations that our firm worked for in developing and implementing marketing and acquisition strategies, or in carrying out pan-European location and site selection activities.
Blog: "Attracting foreign start-ups"
How start-ups behave in terms of picking a location
Start-ups are sexy. They imagine the future, bring us disruptive tech- nologies, new applications and great new talent. Every single city or region is chasing them with bootcamps, accelerators, incuba- tors and foreign trips. Apparently, the next hype has arrived: who doesn't want to welcome the new TomTom, Google or Alibaba to his backyard? But are foreign start-ups really that easy to attract? What's the definition of a start-up anyway? And what will they eventually add to the equation of local economic growth and employment? Here's a reality check and your wake-up call.

Greenport NHN goes international
Plan for international activities in the making
Greenport NHN
The organisation of Greenport Noord-Holland Noord, in close co- operation with  Development Agency Noord-Holland Noord, has the ambition to support regional companies, active in agrofood and horticulture, with exporting goods, knowhow and technology to fo- reign markets, as well as attrac- ting companies from abroad to locate in the Northern part of the province of Noord-Holland. ARCUSplus was commissioned to develop the internationalisation plan, including a detailed activities programme for the years ahead.

City of Gouda - more than just cheese (1)
Professionalizing acquisition and account management
Although Gouda is famous for its cheese, the city has so much more to offer, especially to expan- ding businesses. In order to fur- ther professionalize the process of attracting companies to its area, the city asked ARCUSplus to identify new target groups, to de- velop the marketing and acqui- sition strategy, and to design a pro-active approach with regards to reaching out to potential and current investors, mainly focusing on office functions. These plans are being implemented as we speak.

City of Gouda (Gouds aanbod - in Dutch) 
BOM Workshop Biobased Economy
Building a solid cooperation in Western Brabant
In the western part of the Dutch province of Brabant, many organi-sations are actively involved in the development of the regional bio- based economy. In order to create a tight-knit cooperation between these several initiatives, and to bundle the efforts with regards to acquisition, Brabant Development Agency requested our firm to prepare and moderate a workshop last December, with representatives present of BOM Foreign Investments, BOM Capital, Biobased Delta, REWIN West-Brabant, Port of Moerdijk, Green Chemistry Campus (SABIC), Nieuw Prinsenland (SuikerUnie), Province of Noord-Brabant and the city of Bergen op Zoom. Next steps will be planned shortly.

City of Alkmaar - more than just cheese (2)
Bringing the city's sales organisation up to speed
In close cooperation with its part- ners, Alkmaar has been very ac- tive and succesful in the past in attracting and retaining companies for the city. For the next few years it is the municipality's ambition to increase the number of corporate investors into its area by further improving the quality of marketing and acquisition. ARCUS plus was requested to take a close look at the current organisation and come forward with suggestions for a better future structure and approach.

City of Alkmaar (in Dutch)
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BT Congres 2015
Masterclass Account Management

On October 14 last, the National Business Park Conference ('Natio- naal BT Congres') took place in the city of Tilburg, the Nether-lands. ARCUSplus prepared and moderated a masterclass called 'From Account Management to Account Development'. Should you be interested in the slides used , please download them via the link below.

Antwerp Mana- gement School
Masterclass Attracting FDI 

On November 13,  ARCUSplus taught a masterclass called 'Attracting European distribution activities to the Rhine-Scheldt Del- ta' for Global Supply Chain Management students at the Antwerp Management School. Should you be interested in the slides used , please download them via the link below.

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