Volume XVII
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ARCUS plus BUZZ is a periodical electronic newsletter , published by consultancy firm ARCUS plus , focussing on trends that affect economic development agencies around the world. Moreover it highlights the organizations that our firm worked for in developing and/or imple-menting marketing and acquisition strategies, or in carrying out pan- European location and site selection activities.
The definite end of accountmanagement!
Blog: From accountmanagement to account development
Accountmanagement with Dutch government organisations is in bad need of a serious overhaul. Too many accountmanagers sit on their hands and only act up when local companies start to cry for attention and support. Passive management of the company databases, re-actively 'minding the shop' and re-arranging paving stones here and there have become 'old school' in the meantime, and have to step aside immediately for a more pro-active approach. There is a clear need nowadays to strategically stimulate the development of companies in the regions' own backyard, based on a solid plan and long-term vision. Accountmanagement is dead and gone, long live account development!  

Cities of Almere & Lelystad joining forces
Looking for common grounds in attracting new investors
The cities of Almere and Lelystad , both part of the Amsterdam Metro-politan Area, have joined forces to define their unique selling points within the region. The cities can also help each other attracting new investors for their respective industrial areas. The two munici- pal acquisition teams looked for common grounds in a one day team building and fact finding program, including a workshop that was prepared and led by ARCUS plus, going over location factors, best practices and the most effective ways of cooperation.

Internationalisation strategy North-Brabant
Shaping an overall model for all partners to cooperate
Noord-Brabant is on the Dutch forefront of developing a province- wide approach for internationali-sation, in which policymakers and local organisations will closely work together while attracting foreign companies, supporting local firms doing business abroad and stimulating matchmaking between research institutes. Currently ARCUSplus is shaping an overall strategy for this approach, plus the organisation model on the basis of which the involved parties could work together to achieve the set goals.

Province of Noord-Brabant   
Amsterdam Trade supports SME's in MRA
New organisation for foreign trade support in our capital
Also the city of Amsterdam has ambitions to offer trade support, mainly to the small, medium and small enterprises within its region. Our firm will support the newly appointed Amsterdam Trade organisation in setting-up the framework to do this, come up with the most effective and efficient strategy, and coach the involved professionals of the linked partners of the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam.

BOM business is booming, especially R&D
Acquisition is focussed on technology driven corporations
The Foreign Investments depart- ment of the Brabant Development Agency (BOM) is developing and growing fast, and currently in the process of improving its operational excellence. When one of the team members left the organisation, ARCUS plus was asked to step in and take care of his business until a successor was recruited. We participated in the acquisition platforms of several regional partner-ships, for example with High Tech Campus Eindhoven and the Automotive Campus in Helmond.

Brabant Development Agency - Foreign Investments
Biobased in Brabant is coming of age
New biobased proposition should highlight the province
The province of Noord-Brabant is continuously trying to improve itself with regards to the development of the regional biobased economy. Within the area, Port of Moerdijk, Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom and Nieuw Prinsenland play an important role in further shaping this relatively new cluster. The cooperating acquisition partners, including BOM, REWIN West-Brabant, province of Noord-Brabant and Biobased Delta, felt the need for a dedicated biobased proposition with a specific focus on the main locations within the region. ARCUS plus  is currently preparing this value proposition that helps the region to better pitch the cluster and attract new investors to the area.
Biobased Delta  
Tholen aiming for new logistics investors
Analysis and workshop explore actual market demand
The city of Tholen is expanding its business park 'Welgelegen' by 15 hectares, and aiming at establishing large logistics and e-commerce ope- rations. In order to back-up this ambition,  ARCUSplus was appointed by the city of Tholen to clearly analyse the actual demand of this particular market. Together with Invest Zeeland and REWIN West-Brabant, the municipality also looked for hands-on tools to further build the business park's marketing and positioning, in a workshop that was prepared and moderated by ARCUSplus.   

City of Tholen   
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