Thank you for being a member of Impact100 Metro Detroit for 2020! Your $1,000.00, combined with the $1,000 contributions of our 199 other members, has set in motion BIG transformational IMPACT for the communities served by our grant winners, Micah 6 and The Lawn Academy. 
Together, we the women of Impact100 Metro Detroit, have given at total of $612,000.00 in grants since our inception in 2016. And across the globe, through donations totaling almost $80,000,000, the women of all 60 Impact100 chapters have proven that when we come together to make positive, transformational change in our communities, we are powerful!
We are in the final recruiting phase for our 2021 membership drive. Our goal is to give away three $100,000.000 grants to three local non-profit organizations who are planning high-impact projects in our community. We would be thrilled to announce to the Metro Detroit community at our Big Reveal event in January that we have reached our goal!
We are asking for a quick reply to this email to let us know if you will be renewing your Impact100 Metro Detroit membership before the end of the year. We hope that you're in for 2021!

Deb and Elissa
PS If you haven’t seen our awesome "We Are Impact100" video, we encourage you to watch it! Be sure to have a box of tissues nearby!