AREV Initiative Launches
We are gratified to conclude another season of service to the Kehillah, the community, with a keynote gathering on June 3 at Temple Emunah in Lexington,   Empowering Women's Leadership .   We were inspired by the compelling panel conversation, humbled to honor the memory and legacy of a cherished leader,  Anita Redner z''l ,   and excited to launch the AREV MA granting initiative. 

We invite you to 

visit our dedicated AREV MA page, which includes information about the initiative, and video from the June 3 event click the image below.

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Come to Israel with Us   February 26- March 10, 2019
Come to Israel with Us!
The Synagogue Then and Now:
Israel Experience and Unity Mission
February 26 - March 10, 2019

Led by David Bernat PhD 
SCM Executive Director & 
Meah Instructor

Itinerary and registration info. coming soon.

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